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Adidas is a German athletic shoe brand founded in 1948 by Adolph “Adi” Dassler. It has become synonymous with high-quality athletic wear, footwear, and accessories, and is famous for its iconic three-stripe logo. After earning a reputation for innovation it launched an Adidas Perfume that captures the vitality & excitement of your lifestyle with a bold blend of dynamic notes which nose-like smells. Their first spritz of fragrance matches your energetic & unshrinking spirit.

Adidas Frangrances is great for exploring outdoors or enjoying a day outing. It makes a perfect complement to your active and vibrant lifestyle with its refreshing and invigorating top notes giving a confidential energy with a blossom feeling. Their combination of a perfection-looking perfume bottle with floral notes makes this like a jewel in the crown.

It’s a myth thinking, maybe it’s true when the sun sets and the night begins, the Adidas Perfume transforms into a warm and sensual scent, with rich base notes that add depth and complexity to the fragrance.
Q1. What Does Adidas Get Ready Perfume Smell Like?

Adidas Perfume captures the essence of the modern, active lifestyle with With its invigorating blend of top notes including green apple, mint, and pink pepper, this perfume offers a refreshing burst of energy. The heart notes of cyclamen, rose, and geranium add a touch of floral elegance, while the base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and musk create a warm and sensual finish.

Q2. How Long Does Adidas Perfume Last?

If you’re hitting the gym, running errands, or going out for a night on the town, the Adidas Perfume is the perfect way to elevate your fragrance game and express your activity & allowing you to stay fresh and confident all day long.

Q3. How Much Does Adidas Perfume Cost?

Fruity Rhythm Eau de Parfum is available in Operfu at the very lowest price of $8.69.
Q4. Should I Carry the Adidas Parfum?
The Adidas Perfume comes in a sleek and stylish bottle, with the iconic three-stripe logo emblazoned on the front. You can easily carry the perfect addition to your gym bag, purse, or travel kit.