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Cartier was established by Louis-Francois in Paris in 1847 when he took over his master’s workshop during French Revolution. He initially manufactured high-end jewelry but later started producing high-quality watches, perfumes, and leather goods. The first-ever fragrance was launched by the brand in 1981 which still has top sales.


Q. Why is Cartier so expensive?

One of the reasons why Cartier is so expensive is because of the brand’s value due to which it is owned by many celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Duke Ellington, Truman Capote, Warren Beatty, and many more, making it a symbol of status.

Q. Who owns Cartier fragrances?

It is owned by the Swiss Richemont Group located in Paris.

Q. What does Cartier Perfume smell like?

Cartier has launched many perfumes over the years, each having its own unique fragrance. But overall the perfumes have a burst of freshness that is followed by a long-lasting sweet fragrance.