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Burberry Group Plc is one of the few luxury brands with the perfect balance of modern trends and traditional roots. Started in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, this British-oriented brand designs and distributes trench coats, accessories, footwear, and gabardines that are identified all over the world. The blueberry scents were the last to be added to the production line of the company.

It was in the early 1870s that the company launched its first water-resistant gabardine. Then in 1901, the brand came into the major spotlight with its trending military trench coats that are used till now as well as other ready-to-wear clothes. Burberry clothing majorly grabbed the world’s attention after being worn by famous personalities such as Roald Amundsen(the first man to reach the South Pole), Ernest Shackleton(the one who crossed Antarctica), and George Mallory(who wore a Burberry jacket while climbing Mount Everest).

In 1981, the luxury house entered the world of fragrance with the launch of its first fragrance  “Burberry for Men” which immediately captured the attention of perfume lovers all over the world. This energetic and fresh Burberry cologne paved the way for other fragrances to rule the world such as Burberry Weekend Eau de Parfum, Burberry Brit, Burberry London for men, and such.

About Burberry Brand:

  • Company type: Public limited company
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Headquarters: London, England, UK
  • Stores at Locations: 418
  • Products served: Handbags, leather accessories, footwear, perfumes

Burberry perfumes for her:

Burberry perfumes are a perfect representation of graceful feminine energy with a hint of rebellion when needed. The perfumes for her have a diverse range of notes that do not miss from capturing the world. Burberry fragrances for ladies’ collection have a wide variety from the sweet berry notes of Burberry Her to the classic citrus notes of Burberry Brit.

Burberry Cologne for men:

The success of the first-ever Burberry Cologne for men paved the way for other colognes such as Burberry Brit Intense for him and Burberry Touch for Men which are till date the best sellers for the company due to their unique blend of sweet, warm, and fresh notes that have always attracted men.


Q.1. What is the Burberry Brand known for?

Burberry Brand is known for its spectacular design of footwear, accessories, and trench coats but in the last century, they gave the world many soothing and capturing fragrances.

Q.2. Why are Burberry products so expensive?

Burberry fragrances and other products are expensive due to the use of high-quality products in its manufacturing.

Q.3. Where are Burberry perfumes least expensive?

Burberry perfumes are available at comparatively low prices in London because the brand headquarters is located there which saves the shipping prices.

Q.4. Burberry brand belongs to which county?

Burberry is a British(United Kingdom) brand.

Q.5. Which Blueberry fragrance smells the best?

Blueberry fragrances are hard to rank as each one of them is specially designed to represent the respective auro of the person wearing them. But we can say that Burberry for Men is one of the most trending scents of the house.