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Antonio Banderas is an internationally Spanish renowned actor and director. He was born on 10 August 1960 in Spain. He moved to Hollywood and made his film debut in Labyrinth of Passion directed by Pedro Almodovar. Apart from that He is famous for his roles in films Philadelphia, Interview with the Vampire, Desperado, assassins, and The Mask of Zorro. Banderas has been nominated for several films and also won awards such as Goya Award for wonderful acting.

Banderas launched his signature perfume and collaborated with celebrated Spanish fragrance company Puig to release a scent for men and women that has become a classic around the world. Banderas perfumes are famous for a blend of natural floral and impressive smell elements making it perfect for any occasion.


Q. What are the Top 10 perfume collections of Antonio Banderas?

Banderas with fragrance company Puig to launched a series of scents for men and women, but here are the top 10 perfumes collection are Diavola, Electric Seduction, Miami Seduction, Play Collection, Queen Of Seduction, Power of Seduction, Radiant Seduction, Secret Collection, Blue Seduction, Spirit Collection, Splash Seduction Collection, The Icon, Urban Seduction.

Q. Is Antonio Banderas perfume a men’s collection and a women’s collection?

Both men’s collection and women’s collection perfume Antonio Banderas have.

Q. What notes are used in Antonio Banderas’s perfumes?

Different notes are used in different perfumes. Opening this perfume fragrance like notes of black pepper, grapefruit, sage, lavender, oakmoss, and sandalwood which smell is impressive and long-lasting for up to 5 to 6 hr.

Q. When can you wear Antonio Banderas’s perfume?

With a long-lasting aroma and mixture of natural ingredients, perfect for any occasion and everyday life. From office meetings to evening parties, romantic dates, or festivals its fragrance makes your day full of excitement and wonderful.

Q. In which size is Antonio Banderas’s perfume available?

Antonio Banderas perfume is available in 80 ml and 100 ml sizes at reasonable prices.