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Aquolina Gold Sugar Perfume for Women

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Aquolina Pink Sugar Creamy Sunshine Perfume For Women

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Aquolina Pink Sugar Sensual Perfume for Women

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Aquolina Steel Sugar Cologne for Women

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Form men’s & women’s shop Aquolina perfume & cologne at the cheapest price, we have a large collection of Aquolina fragrances,  Aquolina is a branch of Selectiva company, which is an Italian cosmetic company. Known mainly for its yogurt-based body care range and its cosmetic line aimed at the youth market. With the release of its debut perfume, Aquolina Pink Sugar, in 2003, the company gained new clients all over the world. The fragrance is still selling well and men’s companion scent, Blue Sugar was joined in 2006. In 2006 Chocolovers was launched, following the company’s trend of sweet perfumes. In 2008, a Tweety collection was introduced aimed at energizing people. Pink Sugar Sensual, was released in 2009, this is dedicated to the more youthful generation.


Q. Who Owns Aqualina?

It is owned by Selectiva cosmetic company that is still in the market since 2003. It introduces 1st perfume that is Pink Sugar.

Q.Who is Aquolina?

It is an Italian brand that deals in different sectors like cosmetics, clothing, perfumes, eyewear and many more.

Q. What does Aquolina smell like?

Pink sugar is a perfect blend of orange, fig leaves, raspberry, lily, candy gloss, strawberry, sandalwood, musk, Bergamot vanilla and caramel. this will give you an amazing sweet fragrance.

Q. Is this a long-lasting perfume?

Yes, It is a long-lasting perfume that has a fragrance for more than 8 to 9 hours throughout the day.