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Maison Boucheron, the first jeweller on Place Vendome, has represented excellence in Fine Jewellery since 1858. Its designs accentuate women’s beauty by providing grace, light, strength, and timelessness. The brand’s soulful stones, as well as its distinct and instantly recognisable style, commemorate life’s most magical moments. Each piece is designed with Maison Boucheron’s values in mind.
At the beginning of the brand, they worked only in making luxurious jewellery. In 1988 they introduced Boucheron as a fragrance brand also, and launched its first perfume namely” Boucheron Eau Spray “. After this year by year, it became a popular fragrance brand and ruled many people’s hearts.


Q. What does the perfume Boucheron smell like?

The Boucheron perfume will give you many fragrances in a perfume, it will give you multiple types of fragrances. It’s like a blast of many fragrances because it contains jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossoms, vanilla and other things which makes the fragrance amazing.

Q. Is Boucheron perfume a luxury brand?

Yes, we can say that Boucheron is a luxury brand because it contains all the qualities of a luxury brand. So it is a luxury brand.

Q. What does Boucheron mean?

Boucheron is used as a surname. This surname evolved in the mediaeval era in the French region. It was mainly the name of a person who worked as a butcher.

Q. What is Boucheron famous for?

The Maison’s founder, Frédéric Boucheron, quickly became well known for the exceptional quality of his precious stones. He was the first modern jeweller to engrave diamonds with flowers or arabesques around 1880, bringing back an inscription technique that had been lost since ancient times.