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Founded in 1860 by Louis Ulysse, Chopard is a luxury brand known for making high-quality Swiss watches and jewelry. In 1992, the company debuted in the market of perfumes by launching its first historic perfume named Casmir which is well known for its lovely rose scent. After 2 years of Casmir, the first men’s cologne named Heaven was launched in 1994.



Q. What does Chopard smell like?

Although every scent of Chopard has a distinct fragrance but rose is a common factor found in almost every scent. But the quantity may vary from product to product. For example- In female perfumes such as Pink Wish Eau De Toilette, Rose is a dominating fragrance whereas in the men’s cologne, it is a background scent.

Q. Is Chopard long-lasting?

Chopard perfumes can usually last up to 8-10 hours if applied directly on the pulse points such as behind the ears, and on the wrist.

Q. Is Chopard available in India?

Chopard can be brought online from the website of the company. Go to the company’s official website and choose the region you belong to ( India ) and shop for your desired fragrance.