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Courreges Blanc De Courreges Perfume for Women

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Courreges Eau De Courreges Perfume For Women

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Courreges Generation Perfume for Women

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Courreges Rose De Courreges Perfume for Women

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Get Courreges Fragrances at GiftEXO, Courreges is a premium French fashion brand & that was founded in 1961 by André and Coqueline Courrèges in Champagne, France. André Courrèges had been very popular and well-known in the fashion industry for blending haute couture with youth culture. His Ultra-modern design inspired not only fashion freaks but professionals as well. The obsession with geometrical patterns in this brand’s fashion emerged from his understanding of modern clothing and his acceptance of uniqueness. The same concept of uniqueness was applied to the Courreges Perfume and Cologne.

Courreges Fragrances

André Courrèges unveiled his high-quality fragrance In 1971. His height of creativity can be measured by the fact that he worked with Spanish designer Balenciaga for nearly 10 years. Utilizing his same creative potential he started his fragrance line as well. Moreover, highly recognized masters of the art of making fragrances are associated with the Courreges brand. Antoine Lie, Nicolas Beaulieu, Fabrice Pellegrin, Francis Camail, Raphael Haury, Robert Gonnon, and Alberto Morillas Annick Menardo, Mylène Alran, Benoist Lapouza, Fanny Bal and Jean-Christophe Hérault are names of these perfumers.

Courreges Cologne for men

Once a pilot in the French Air Force, A. Courrege, manifested his diverse and liberal ideas using Woody-leather, Woody-musky, and Amber fragrances which led to the creation of Courreges Cologne for men. Highly desirable and popular perfume Courreges Homme was composed by Gerard Anthony. Apart from these categorical fragrances the brand also makes Unisex perfumes. High quality Eau Hyper Fraîche Courrèges was composed by Fabrice Pellegrin who comes from a family of perfumers. A professional nose, Suzy Le Helley, designed the unisex C by Courreges.

Courreges Perfume for women:

The Courreges perfumes for women are true signs of traditional barrier crushers. The boots, pantsuits, and miniskirts were first introduced by this very brand. Continuing this modern and maverick approach some Floral Chypre-fruity to Floral-fruity fulfills the demand. Some of the famous feminine perfumery products are Courreges Generation, Courreges In Blue, Rose De Courreges, and Blanc De Courreges, composed by Julie Massé.


Q1.  Do Courreges create perfumes for men as well?

Courrege has a wide range of different unisex perfumes, women’s fragrances, and cologne for men.

Q2. Who are the noses behind the Courreges perfumes?

Courreges brand partnered with Antoine Lie, Alberto Morillas Annick Menardo,  Benoist Lapouza, Fanny Bal, Fabrice Pellegrin, Francis Camail, Nicolas Beaulieu, Mylène Alran, Robert Gonnon, Raphael Haury, Jean-Christophe Hérault.

Q3. In Which Year André Courrèges Came Up With His Fragrance Line?

André Courrèges launched his fragrance in 1971 for the very first time.

Q4. Can You Suggest Some Unisex Perfumes From the Courrege Brand?

Some of the significant unisex perfumes for all genders are Eau Hyper Fraîche Courrèges and C.

Q5. What kind of perfumes Courreges brand make?

The major fragrance families and subfamilies the brand uses are woody, aromatic, oriental, musky, floral, leather, and citrus.