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Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer who is also known for his successful fragrance line. The brand was founded in 1982 and has since become a global luxury brand, with a strong presence in the world of fashion, jewelry, and perfumes.

Elie Saab’s fragrance collection includes a range of unisex and women’s fragrances, each with its own unique scent profile. This fragrance is often described as feminine, alluring, and sophisticated. This brand has 34 perfumes in its fragrance base in which the earliest edition came in 2011 and the newest edition is from 2023.
Q1. what are some of  Elie Saab’s best perfumes?
Some of the best Elie perfumes are L’Eau Couture (female), Cuir Absolu (unisex), Elixir (female), and Cuir Bourbon (Unisex).

Q2. How does this perfume smell?
It has a perfect combination of floral and fruity notes. It opens with the bright fruity notes of Orange Blossom and Patchouli which later combine with the floral notes of White chypre.