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Elizabeth and James was started by twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2007. While people believe that the brand was named after their younger siblings, the sisters have differed from the idea. According to them, the name tries to capture and explore both the feminine and masculine aspects of a personality.

The brand is known for its unique quality designs of jewelry, eyewear, handbags, watches, apparel, and most recently fragrances. In 2013, the fashion house launched its first fragrance duet named NIRVANA WHITE and NIRVANA BLACK. The fragrances are still topping the market with their floral and woody aromas.
Q.Aim of the brand?

The fashion house aims at supporting women and helping them find their own way of life. All of its products be it fragrances, clothes, handbags, or eyewear; are launched with the sole purpose of providing a uniquely elegant product that can help break the customary norms of the society.

Q. Why choose Elizabeth and James?

It is a perfect choice of brand for someone who does not want to get confined within one aspect of fashion and rather wants to keep trying new and unique discoveries. All the fragrances released by the brand are not only unique from other brands but also have different compositions among themselves. It offers a wide variety of fragrances from sweet floral to clean and spicy.

Q. Is Elizabeth and James still continued?

No, the fashion house is not continuing. It closed all its doors in the fall of 2019 and collaborated with Kohl’s. Now the products of the brand can be bought only through Kohl.

Q. What are Elizabeth and James known for?

The brand is known for its best-selling products such as the StyleMint t-shirt line, Olsenboye for teenagers, Nirvana Black and White fragrances, the Rose de Mai scent, and much more.

Q. What are Elizabeth and James’ best fragrances?

Some of the best-sellers of Elizabeth and James that will surely make your day are Nirvana Amethyst, Nirvana Black & White, Burbon Eau de Parfum, and French Grey.