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Guy Laroche Drakkar Essence Cologne For Men

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Guy Laroche Horizon Cologne For Men

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Guy Laroche Jai Ose Baby Perfume for Women

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When finding the perfect scent, Guy Laroche perfume and cologne for men and women come to mind. The brands offers a wide range of fragrances with their timeless appeal and elegance. The eponymous company was founded by French fashion designer Guy Laroche. Set up in 1921. Intending to explore new techniques in the production of ready-to-wear clothes, Laroche was researching new techniques in 1955. Later in 1957 he returned to Paris and established his label. Laroche one of the the first manufacturers of the products was the one that dreamed of the American market. In turn, the designs were appreciated for their remaining orderly and practical. Laroche began offering menswear in 1966.

For women, brands provide captivating perfume that is suitable for every woman. From floral notes blend perfume “Fidji” to a seductive and sensual blend perfume “Drakkar Noir” that exudes femininity and grace. Not only for women brand has masculine and strong cologne “Horizon” for men combination of woody and amber notes making it perfect for any occasion. Whether it normal day party or a special gathering, you are noticed by others with its impressive and vibrant aroma.

Guy Laroche Fragrances become a renowned brand by using the finest and richest ingredients and attention to detail giving a touch of luxury, classic, and sophistication. Each scent is crafted such that it provides a unique and memorable olfactory experience that will leave a lasting impression. Shop for yourself and want to surprise gift to a special one invest in Guy Laroche perfume and cologne is worth the experience.