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Jacadi Tout Petit Jacadi Cologne For Men

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Jacadi Toute Petite Jacadi Perfume For Women

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Buy Jacadi Fragrances or Women’s Perfume & men’s Cologne, The contemporary luxury brand Jacadi was founded in 1976. Popularly pronounced as Jacadi Paris, it is headquartered in Paris. Initially, it was limited to children’s clothing but with time this brand has become a fashion place for children. In 1989, the company also indulged in the field of children’s cosmetics. This dynamic brand emphasizes contemporary fashion and tries its best to remain and sustain its timeless appeal. It was 2007 when Jacadi Paris entered the world of perfumes and launched its first perfume.

Jacadi Perfumes

The most significant and unique trait of Jacadi fragrance house is that it is one of the very few brands that focus on children’s sphere. In 2007 Jacadi collaborated with the French professional fragrance house,  Berdoues. Having a knack for perfume-making for four generations Berdoues makes noticeable fragrances, one cannot deny the expertise and taste of a fresh artist and professional perfumer in curating a masterpiece. Currently headed by Sophie Berdoues, the right description for the brand is  “modern mark with lovely scents”.

Jacadi Scents for children

Celebrating the tenderness and innocence of childhood, Jacadi designed and launched a desirable range of scented water for children. These are alcohol-free, making them safe for the delicate skin of your adorable kids. This versatile scented water comes with fresh citrusy, floral, and fruity accords.

The Eau de Toilette sprays namely Jacadi Garcon, Mademoiselle Jacadi Petite Cerise, La Cologne, and Jacadi Mademoiselle are a few popular names. These are popular amongst married couples as they sprinkle these fragrances with love and care. Jeune Homme, which is a smell for boys. Toute Petite Jacadi Perfume is an edition by Jacadi Paris, for boys and girls individually.

What makes this unique and popular brand is its alcohol-free scents for children and toddlers of all genders.


Q1. Is there any good brand for children’s scent?

Jacadi Paris is a good perfume brand for children.

Q2. What is famous about the Jacadi brand?

This company’s full-fledged indulgence in childhood fashion and accessories makes it a trustworthy brand for children.

Q3. I want to gift perfume to my teen children, which brand should I look for?

Yes, Jacadi has an alcohol-free scented water Eau de toilette sprays. You can opt for one of these perfumes.

Q4. What is the perfume collaboration of Jacadi Paris?

Jacadi launched a perfume line in collaboration with French fragrance house Berdoues.

Q5. Are Jacadi brand perfumes for children alcohol-free?

Yes, these are scented water only that will not be harsh on your toddler’s or children’s delicate skin.