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Jean Desprez is a famous perfume from France all over the globe. He is the great-grandson of perfumer F Millot. The house of this perfumer has only produced one perfume so far, Bal a Versailles, although the perfumer has also created perfumes separately, outside of the confines of the house. He was a world-class perfumer who created trends rather than following them. In 2002, the house released its first new scent in 50 years. That is a new take on the popular Bal a Versailles, merging a vintage classic with modern requirements. Jean Desprez’s new scent enters the psyche, arouses the senses, seduces, and comforts.

Jean Desprez offers a timeless perfume line that is elegant, transcends generations, and attracts the senses of other humans. It is the perfect artistic blended combination of modern and traditional scent profiles. These perfumes offer great longevity and a strong sillage with every scent that is impressive in its way. Form office meetings to evening parties with your friends, you can wear Jean Desprez’s perfume to feel special.


Q. What does Bal a Versailles smell like?

This scent is a perfect blend of bass, civet, resin, balsam, amber, benzoin, musk, and vanilla. This will give you a perfect fragrance for all day long.

Q. Who is Jean Desprez?

Jean Desprez is a world-renowned perfumer from France. He is the great-grandson of perfumer F Millot, who was the best perfumer in his own time.

Q. Is Jean Desprez Eau de Parfum suitable for daily wear?

Yes, Jean Desprez’s perfumes are versatile and can be worn daily. Its elegant and subtle fragrance is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Q. Does Jean Desprez’s fragrance last all day?

Yes, Jean Desprez’s fragrances are known for their long-lasting scent. All of you can enjoy the fragrance’s delightful notes throughout the day.