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Jean Patou was a French fashion designer. Patou, who was born in Normandy to an affluent tanner, originally planned to become a couturier. In 1910, he relocated to Paris and opened a small dressmaking salon. World War I disrupted his business and forced it to close. After four years in the army, he reopened his salon in 1919. He introduced a basic dress style that drew the attention of the city’s most fashionable females. He was a fashion industry creative genius who designed the then-daring knee-length cut and sleeveless tennis clothing for Suzanne Lenglen in 1921.


Q. What does Jean Patou smell like?

It gives an amazing smell with notes of rose, jasmine, amber, ylang-ylang, and tuberose; and its base is sandalwood, musk, and civet. This will give you a strong smell.

Q.What is Jean Patou famous for?

It is famous for revolutionizing women’s fashion.