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Michael Kors is an American fashion designer who started this industry in different sectors like cosmetics, clothing, accessories, handbags & perfume. While talking about perfume, this brand has different types in the market like Sexy amber perfume, Starlight shimmer perfume, Sparkling blush & Sexy Rio-De-Janerio & Wonderlust. This woody scent blends with sexy notes like musk, cashmere wood & vetiver, and is feminine with tuberose, peony & iris. This is a long-lasting perfume brand for more than 8 to 9 hours throughout the day. It is a good perfume for both genders and can be used during summer/autumn & also a night out. Overall, this perfume has won a special award for its smell.


Q. What does Michael Kors perfume smell like?

This perfume smells like sweet floral & fruity fragrance while busting of different notes of Litch, pear, pink pepper & bergamot mixed with middle notes of frangipani, Magnolia, Jasmine & Rose.

Q. What are the main ingredients of Michael Kors’s Sexy Rio de Janeiro perfume?

The top notes consist of mango, the middle notes are Jasmine & Honeysuckle, whereas the base note is Vanilla.

Q. Is Michael Kors perfume luxurious?

Yes, this is a luxurious perfume brand where each perfume has some unique features with its stylish design.

Q. When will you use Michael Kors perfume?

combination of its notes making it perfect for any occasion like a romantic date with your partner, going picnic with your family, whether you are gifting to someone.