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Moschino perfume is an Italian luxury brand in the fashion industry where they deal in varieties like cosmetics, jewelry, clothing & perfumes. This brand was founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino that is known for over-the-top, campy designs. This scent is more stylish with its beautiful design on the bottles. Apply this perfume on the neck, hand & chest. It will spread over the whole body with an elegant, charming & enhancing fragrance. The top notes of Galbanum, Marigold, Plum, & Freesia, mixed with middle notes of Nutmeg, Carnation, Pepper & Rose give you a perfect lavish smell while standing with someone. The elegant, soft, sweet & fruity-floral fragrance has a delicious, warm and cool feeling.


Q. How much long-lasting perfume is this?
Yes, it is a long-lasting fragrance for up to more than 8 to 9 hours throughout the day.

Q. Why Moschino smells so good?
Their elegant, sweet top notes mixed with other notes gives you energetically feel & build your confidence level while talking with others.

Q. Is Moschino a luxury perfume?
Yes, this brand is a luxury fragrance because of its cool, energetic & charming smell. This perfume is for regular use during the autumn/spring season with its beautiful design & structure.