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Nasomatto is a perfume brand founded by Italian entrepreneur Alessandro Gualtieri in 2008. The brand launched its first perfume in 2008. Later On, the latest collection came in 2023.

The name Nasomatto, Italian for “nasal assault,” reflects the brand’s rebellious and provocative spirit. The fragrances are often described as intense and bold, with unexpected and sometimes controversial ingredients.

Nasomatto’s perfumes are not for the faint of heart, but they have gained a cult following among those who appreciate bold and unique scents.

Nasomatto is a brand that embodies the spirit of rebellion and nonconformity, and its fragrances are a true reflection of its uncompromising attitude.

Aim of the Brand
Nasomatto perfumes are known for their diverse range of scents that aim to evoke different emotions and feelings in people. Some of the fragrances are designed to evoke excitement, while others are intended to enhance masculinity and strength. Other scents are meant to promote belief in universal peace and love, and yet others are designed to evoke superhero magnetism.


Q1. What Nasomatto’s known for?

Nasomatto is known for its dark and edgy fragrances that push the boundaries of
traditional perfumery. The brand is renowned for its unusual packaging, which has a handwritten logo and eye-catching black-and-white images.

Q2. What are some of the best Nasomatto fragrances?

Although each fragrance has its unique characteristics and it is best known for Black Afgano, China White, Duro, Pardon, and Silver Musk.