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Nina Ricci is a Paris-based luxury brand in clothing, Jwelery, Sportwear & Perfume. This brand collection aims at men who appreciate elegance and style. It provides the finest quality things, tailored with perfect finishing and top-notch quality materials. The sense of the best and unique designs and the search for increasingly sophisticated fabrics contribute to the natural charm of the label. Later on, it also launched perfumes for men and women. The perfumes offered by it are very renowned and popular for their long-lasting smell and premium packaging.


Q- Is it a luxury brand?

Yes, Nina Ricci is a luxury brand that offers premium products.

Q- What is Nina Ricci made of?

It is made of high-quality premium silk and virgin wool that looks good quality with a luxury fragrance.

Q- How do Cerruti perfumes smell?

This perfume smells a very sweet, elegant and refreshing feel that has a floral fruity fragrance, especially for men.