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Paul Sebastian a unique and inspiring brand was founded by two friends Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco in New Jersey, USA. With the name “Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne”, they introduced their first perfume in 1979. First, it was introduced regionally only in the New Jersey area’s clothing store. In no time, the fragrance became popular among the masses which led to a big distribution network. In starting the company didn’t take the support of paid advertising to promote the product, instead, it started, as a promotion, giving the product as a gift to the customer with their purchases, and as a result, the company became prominent among the masses. In 1985, the company came with its first women’s fragrance and started its distribution worldwide. The company launched its men’s version of fragrance in 1995.

It is very popular for its classic and refined perfumes among its fragrance lovers. If we talk about its most popular offers which include: Paul Sebastian(men’s cologne), Design(women’s exotic floral featuring notes of tuberose, peach, and honeysuckle), Paul Sebastian Onyx ( earthy and masculine fragrance with sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla notes).


Q. Is this a long-lasting perfume?

Yes, This is a long-lasting perfume as its fragrance lasts around 9-10 hours and during this time you feel fresh and refreshed.

Q. How does this perfume smell?

As far as its smell is concerned, you can classify it as a very subtle, refined, and light fragrance and which is a combination of rose, amber, Jasmine, sage, Lavender, and musk. The fragrance is good for evening wear.

Q. How Much Does this Perfume Cost?

In order to provide the enjoyment of this fragrance to all, the company keeps the rate of the product very reasonable. You can buy its two-ounce bottle of cologne for $12 and four-ounce cologne spray bottles for $25.