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When you think about captivating and sophistication, Paul Sebastian perfume and cologne first come to mind. As renowned brands offer a wide selection of exquisite perfumes and cologne for men and women that exude femininity and masculinity. By the way, Paul Sebastian a unique and inspiring brand was founded by two friends Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco in New Jersey, USA. With the name “Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne”, they introduced their first perfume in 1979. First, it was introduced regionally only in the New Jersey area’s clothing store. In no time, the fragrance became popular among the masses which led to a big distribution network. In starting the company didn’t take the support of paid advertising to promote the product, instead, it started, as a promotion, giving the product as a gift to the customer with their purchases, and as a result, the company became prominent among the masses. In 1985, the company came with its first women’s fragrance and started its distribution worldwide. The company launched its men’s version of fragrance in 1995.

From floral and fruity notes perfume is “casual” for women which captures the essence of elegance with grace and feminism. Design for normal to modern women who appreciate long-lasting aromas with seductive notes leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Not only women, brands have various variety colognes from classic to woody notes embody confidence and refinement. Whether you are heading an office meeting and want to impress another person this brand perfume and cologne should be a great choice. Crafted with attention to detail and fresh and rich notes shows dedication to work on it making signature scents all over the world. Shop yourself to smell like a celebrity to choose Paul Sebastian perfume and cologne is worth experiencing.