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New Musk Cologne By Prince Matchabelli Cologne Spray

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Wind Song Perfume By Prince Matchabelli For Women

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Founded in 1926, the Prince Matchabelli perfume or fragrance house has an interesting history. A Georgian prince, Prince Matchabelli, settled in the United States in 1926 after marrying an Italian actress. Her name was Norina Gilli. This couple launched the Prince Matchabelli fragrances in the late 1920s. After a decade, in 1941, the company was sold to Vicks Chemical Company. Like the interesting inception of the brand, it further faced challenges to survive. In the late 1950s, the owner company Vicks sold Prince Matchabelli to Chesebrough’s–Pond’s. And eventually, Chesebrough-Ponds was acquired by Unilever in 1987.

Prince Matchabelli Perfumes

Prince Matchabelli has launched a diverse and royal range of scents that stand the test of time in the field of fragrances. These are classic ones. The essence of Prince Matchabelli Perfumes for women can be judged by their self-explanatory naming. Princess Rosina, Imperial Violet, Princess Nina, Queen of Georgia, Queen of the Nile, Queen of Egypt, and Queen of Babylon are some of the names. Not limited to a single or mono taste the fragrance line offers the Rhapsody series. Apart from these, Potpourri scent, Summer Frost, Royal Gardenia, Russian Easter Lily, May Flower, and Frosted Pine are some of the floral smells. These perfumes radiate the classic and evergreen feminine aromas.

Prince Matchabelli Men’s Cologne

Popular for its regal appeal the Matchabelli men’s cologne gives a very pleasing and manly smell aura. If one says these scents are only for rich and superfluous people it would be an understatement regarding this brand. Flamboyant is the correct term or metaphor that might fit the definition of Matchbelli’s colognes. The Oriental smelled New Musk Cologne is one such fragrance. A posse of wearers who like the classic smells and scents that give the vibe of the mid-20th century elite class favors this brand.


Q1. Who currently owns Matchabelli perfumes?

Matchabelli perfumes is currently owned by Unilever. They acquired the stake from Chesebrough-Ponds in 1987.

Q2. Who founded Matchabelli perfume house and when?

Matchabelli perfume house was founded in 1926 by Georgian prince, Prince Matchabelli, and his wife Norina Gilli.

Q3. Can You Suggest a Unisex Prince Matchabelli Perfume for a couple?

PROPHECY COLOGNE Mist is a unisex perfume for all genders.

Q4. Do Matchabelli create perfumes for men as well?

Yes, Prince has a wide range of different unisex perfumes, women’s fragrances, and cologne for men.

Q5. What are some popular perfumes for women by Prince Matchabelli?

Some popular perfumes for women include Princess Rosina, Imperial Violet, Queen of Georgia, Queen of the Nile, and the Rhapsody series.