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Ralph Lauren perfume is one of the most popular brands that deal in different sectors like cosmetics, clothing, accessories & home decor products etc. This is one of the stylish & attractive brands in perfume that has a fresh, cool & romantic smell. This long-lasting perfume has a smelling fragrance for more than 8 to 9 hours and made especially for women’s purposes. The notes of all the products include top notes consists of Pear, Black currant & Rhubarb, middle notes of Tuberose, Orange blossom & Turkish rose, base notes are Hazelnut, Sandalwood & Woody notes. This perfume consists of different types like Romance perfume, women perfume & Ralph perfume by Lauren.


Q. How this perfume smells?

It has a good romantic, sweet-citrusy & floral fruity smell that helps to increase your confidence while talking with others.

Q. Is this a luxurious perfume?

Yes, It is a luxurious perfume brand that is available in so many different fields. All the products in this fragrance are more stylish, attractive & elegant perfumes.