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Azure Crystal Perfume By Thalia Sodi For Women

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Blooming Opal Perfume By Thalia Sodi For Women

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Diamond Petals Perfume By Thalia Sodi For Women

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Liquid Sun Perfume By Thalia Sodi For Women

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Thalia Sodi is a celebrated household name in Hispanic territory. She is also a fashion designer with an appealing personality who spread her wings to fly in the fashion industry after making a successful career as a singer, songwriter, author, and performing philanthropist activities as well. The appealing factor of the Thalia Sodi brand is its affordability for a significant and sober styling with a modern fashion sense. All the products are presentation and a blend of Thalia Sodi’s ambitious and free spirit.

Named after two middle names of Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, Thalia Sodi is a new fashion company that deals in multiple spheres namely lifestyle, shoes, jewelry, beauty, fashion, and homes. Thalia Sodi has turned entrepreneur to set up a personal fashion brand to follow her passion for creativity. To make it more accessible and popular she exclusively partnered with Macy’s in the United States. The brand deals in a wide range of articles from figure-flattering dresses to underwear, and intimates to official wear. Apart from these items, the fashion brand deals has diversity from fresh and crispy fragrances to cat eye spectacles, from generic to one-piece dresses and boots to heels.

Thalia Sodi perfume for women

Inspired by her mother and sisters’ skincare routines, Thalia tried to convey her favorite smell and taste with a captivating collection of scents. The Brand Ambassador and signature of the independent and bold modern feminine personality, Thalia Sodi, fulfilling her childhood longing to create scents that can resemble her childhood memories pushed her to enter the fragrance industry. The essential fragrance family is the Floral in Thalia Sodi perfume collection. Furthermore, the Designer has significant collaboration with perfumers Gino Percontino, Patricia Choux, and Harry Fremont.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Is The Owner Of The Thalia Sodi Brand?

The Mexican singer and actress Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda.

Q2. Is Thalia Sodi An Authentic And Luxurious Brand?

The renowned Mexican-American singer, actress, and fashion icon collaborated and partnered with Authentic Brands which makes it popular.

Q3. What Type Of Fragrance Family does the Thalia Sodi brand produce?

All the perfumes of the Thalia Sodi belong to the floral family while subfamilies are diverse from oriental to citrus.

Q4. Which Is The New Collection Of Fragrances By Thalia Sodi?

Thalia Sodi has so far only 5 perfumes all launched in 2019. These are absolute amethyst, azure crystal, blooming opal, diamond petals, and liquid sun.

Q5. Are Thalia Sodi Perfumes suitable for all genders?

If you are somebody who wants to smell girly then this feminine scent collection is the right choice as it produces a floral aroma with few sprays.