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Tiffany & Co. perfume is a luxury jewelry & special design brand house headquarters on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This brand also focuses on different quality, innovations & creativity. It was launched in 2017 by Daniela Andrier and has a floral fragrance for women. The top notes consist of Mandarin orange, Bergamot & Lemon, whereas middle notes are Iris, Rose, Black currant & Peach. This unisex perfume gives you a sweet, energetic & romantic feel while spraying it on neck and whole body. It has a long-lasting fragrance for more than 8 to 9 hours at a suitable price. This luxury brand has come with different sizes of perfume bottles at market price.


Q. Is Tiffany & Co a luxury brand?

Yes, Tiffany & Co is a luxury brand, this is made with a beautiful design bottle, glass bottle fragrance with different sizes like 50ml, 75ml & 100ml at suitable prices.

Q. What are the ingredients of this fragrance?

The top notes of this brand are Mandarin, Lemon & Bergamot blend with middle notes of Iris, Rose, Black Currant, base notes are Musk & Patchouli are warm, amber & woody flavors.

Q. What is the smell of this fragrance?

It comes in a diamond cut & luminous metals bottle with different notes. Top notes are mixed with middle notes giving you a floral fruity fragrance, whereas base notes are simple, cool & refreshing feel.