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Maya Perfume By Tocca For Women

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Simone Perfume By Tocca For Women

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Born and breaded with curiosity, Tocca, an old European beauty brand that deals with the classics of embroideries, textures, and scents was founded in 1994 in a tiny apartment in Manhattan. The brand was first adopted by Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, and Chloe Sevigny who were also the known tastemakers of that era. It was only after the acceptance by these people that Tocca came to be known as a luxury brand. Growing and developing with time, now Tocca is a well-celebrated brand of adventure, sensuality, self-love, and joy.

Currently, Tocca fragrances are ruling the world of perfumery with an iron first. With each bottle of perfume, the brand sends a personalized message of “Love Yourself” printed inside each box.

The Fine Collections of Tocca Fragrances

The foundation of Tocca lies upon 12 original perfumes each of which identifies and appreciates the feminine energy. These 12 creations are the best Tocca perfume, each narrating different stories of love, passion, adventure, intellect, and confidence. Each of these fragrances is decorated in an Italian glass bottle which is covered with a hand-crafted metal cap and a TOCCA peacock design to symbolize calm, confidence, and carefreeness.

These 12 collections go by the names of:
1. Lucia Perfume

The fragrances under Lucia are the ones that grow and mature with time, based on the Italian concept of slow living while recognizing the beauty within oneself.

2. Florence by Tocca

Unlike Lucia, Florence by Tocca represents the Persian art of falling in love almost instantly. It kind of creates the magic of love at first sight with notes of bergamot, pear, and violet petals.

3. Tocca Cleopatra

Wearing the grapefruit crown, Tocca Cleopatra draws a metaphor of a delicate yet seductive flower with the nature of a woman who at first sight might appear fragile but has the power to mold things and situations as per her wish.

4. Tocca Giulietta Eau de parfum

Unlike other beauties of the collection, Tocca Giulietta Eau de parfum leans towards a milder and softer approach with light and fresh notes of tulips and vanilla.

5. Stella Perfume

The fragrance of Stella Parfum represents a young free-spirited girl blooming in full force with passion and rebellion as her characters. All the perfumes under the Stella collection are well dominated by the orange accord.

6. Tocca Colette Travel Spray

Tocca Colette Eau de parfum is an illustration of a seductress decorated with the accords of a floral bouquet that is a combination of both sweetness and spiciness. This illustration reflects the nature of a mature woman who is not afraid to unleash her anger upon those who dare to wrong her but otherwise is sweet and lively.

7. Tocca Simone

The seventh perfume in the collection of Tocca fragrances is the exclusive and exotic beach beauty of Tocca Simone made to make you feel like you are enjoying yourself on a beach.

8. Bianca fragrance

If you are looking for a scent that represents luxury and class, then Bianca is what will make your day a classic hit. Adorned with the notes of citrus, Tocca Bianca Eau de parfum is a luxurious scent.

9. Tocca Liliana Perfume

For anyone who wishes to travel back to the highs of the Jazz era, pick your Tocca Liliana Perfume which is a blend of floral and freshness mixed together.

10. Tocca Belle

The 10th fragrance in the collection of Tocca is the Tocca Bella which is a tribute to each and every traveler willing to step out of their comfort zone and embrace all kinds of danger they face along the edges of their journey.

11. Gia Perfume

Tocca Fragrances presents a beautiful fragrance by the name of Gia Perfume which motivates all women to express their inner thoughts and personal experience to bravery.

12. Tocca Maya Perfume

The Tocca Maya perfume is a tribute to every poetic soul that cherishes the divine feminine energy and aura.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. When was the Tocca beauty brand formed?

In 1994, the brand of Tocca was known to the world.

Q. 2. What is Tocca known for?

The brand is a luxury house that is currently known for its lavish collection of cloth textures, embroideries, and most importantly perfumes.

Q. 3. Are Tocca fragrances suitable for sensitive skin?

All the perfumes made under the label of Tocca are as per the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association, making them safe and sound for sensitive skin.

Q. 4. Where are Tocca perfumes made?

Tocca fragrances are originally made in the USA.

Q. 5. Does Tocca produce Niche perfumes?

No, the brand does not provide or produce any kind of Niche perfumes.