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True Religion is an American-based company established in 2002 by Jeff Lubell & Kym Gold. This company is available in different sectors like cosmetics, clothing and perfumes. It has a good fragrance that feels fresh, citrusy, juicy & sensual while opening. It is suitable for the summer and winter weather with its natural smell. This fragrance includes different notes top notes consist of Green apple, Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, and Violet Leaf, Middle notes are Freesia, Amaryllis, Plum and base notes are Hinoki wood, Virginia Cedar & Amber. While opening, spray this fragrance on your wrist, neck & whole body so that it feels fresh, cool & energetic.


Q. Is True religion suitable for both genders?

Yes, It is a luxurious perfume for both genders. This luxurious brand will always be good for quality products. It can be used occasionally especially for parties, marriage ceremonies & many more.

Q. Is True religion smells good?

This perfumes have a top note consisting of Green apple, Bergamot, Mandarin orange & Violet leaf, middle notes are Freesia, Amaryllis & Plum, base notes are Hinoki wood, Virginia Cedar & Amber. Its fragrance is good while opening, a sweet little floral woody musky fragrance releases. It’s a long-lasting fragrance is 8 to 9 hours which is good for any perfume.