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Femme Perfume By Usher For Women

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Usher Perfume For Women

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Usher Ur cologne for men

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Usher Raymond is one of the most popular brands in perfumes & cosmetics that gained worldwide success. Usher Perfume is a fragrance collection that epitomizes sophistication and allure. It is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and expression. The Usher has launched 7 perfumes in one fragrance. This perfume has created two editions which 1st edition being in 2007 & latest one in 2018. This brand was built up with the combination of two perfumers Richard Herpin & Honorine Blanc. Its fragrance is fresh, citrusy, juicy, and refreshing feel when the Sea breeze gets mixed with lemon verbena giving you a fresh, cool, and romantic perfume. It comes with different collections of perfumes like Usher Homme, Femme, Ur, Vip, and many more.


Q. What are the notes used in Usher Perfumes?

The smelling of top notes of Verbena, Melon, and pineapple, the middle notes are Lavender, pepper, and violet Leaf, base notes are Vetiver, Amber, Sandalwood, and musk are warm, woody & cool. This luxurious brand has a great sensuality and softness that smells so strongly. The sweet, simple & fruity smell gives you a refreshing, cool & elegant feel. The long-lasting smell from fragrance has more than 8 to 9 hours at suitable prices.

Q. Is Usher a luxurious brand for women?

Yes, This is a luxury brand for women in perfumes. It can be used for many special occasions, especially at birthday parties, and marriage ceremonies. While opening, spray this perfume on your wrist, neck & whole body it gives you a fresh, cool & sensual feel.

Q. What does Usher perfume smell like?

Usher Perfume is a harmonious blend of sensuality and sophistication. It exudes confidence with a touch of playfulness, making it versatile for various occasions. The fragrances feature a range of notes from fresh citrus and floral elements to deeper, richer woods and spices, providing a complex and captivating olfactory experience.

Q. Are Usher Perfumes suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Usher Perfume offers a range of fragrances that cater to both men and women. With careful consideration of notes and composition, these scents are designed to transcend gender boundaries, allowing anyone to embrace their captivating essence.