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Vince Camuto is an American brand in Los Angles. This extraordinary fragrance is well good for a collection of shoes, purses, jewellery & glasses. This brand comes with a different collection of perfumes for both genders men & women. Vince Camuto is known for creating fresh, citrusy and warm feelings that are perfect for any brand. This brand has a different variety of products available in the market with a long-lasting smell for more than 7 to 8 hours. The perfume is available in different collections like Bella body mist, Ciao and Divina perfume. All these fragrances have a different feeling that increases the confidence level.


Q. Is Vinco Camuto a long-lasting perfume?

Yes, This is a long-lasting perfume for women only and apply it on your skin, neck & whole body part.

Q. How is the smell of this perfume?

The smell of this perfume is a citrusy, energetic, & cozy feeling that enhances your body & makes it fresh & unique.

Q. How this brand is different from others?

Because of its long-lasting smell, fragrance quality and different sizes. This perfume makes it different from other one.