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Alabaster Perfume By Banana Republic For Women

Alabaster Perfume by Banana Republic is a women’s fragrance that was released in 2006. This scent is known for its

Banana Republic is a clothing and Accessories Retailer, that was founded in 1978. Firstly, the store sells clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories for Men and Women. It is available in almost every big country or city, and it has 46 stores across the U.S.

This world-famous company was created by a couple who love to travel and explore new things. Originally this company is known as Banana Republic Travel and Safari Clothing Company, in the year 1983 the name changed to the more memorable Banana Republic.


Q. What is a banana republic? 

It is an American clothing and accessories retailer Brand that also works in fragrance also and was founded in 1978 and gives luxurious fragrances.

Q. Are Banana Republic fragrances unisex?

Their every scent is not a unisex fragrance. Their collection contains eight scents all 8 scents are unisex.

Q.Why is Banana Republic so expensive?

All the products of this brand are expensive. They are made with high-quality materials like notes of every perfume chosen very carefully, all these scents are collected in expensive glass bottles.