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20 Best Citrus Perfumes For Her

20 Best Citrus Perfumes For Her

Citrus perfumes are popular among women from all around the world. This sort of perfume is characterized by a refreshing citrus smell and zesty notes. The zesty notes are common for females during the summer and spring months. In today’s time, there are a lot of perfumes that come in this category. 

The invigorating freshness of these perfumes is subtle, and they add a layer of mystery to the aroma for women. Lemons, clementine, bergamot, verbena, lemongrass, and grapefruits are citric constituents that can be added to perfumes for women. Here is a list of the 20 best citrus perfumes for them. 

20 Best Citrus Perfumes For Females

1. Citrus Oriental

A refreshing and zingy perfume that goes easy with a citrus smell for ladies is Citrus Oriental. The spicy base of this perfume is rich in balsamic and amber notes. Overall, the aroma of Citrus Oriental soothes noses with its freshness. 

2. Krigler Villa

Krigler Villa brings the Italian hot spot Krigler Villa to your place. This perfume has strong notes of limoncello gelato as well as that of bergamot and grapefruits. The extraordinary notes of Krigler Villa grow stronger during higher concentrations. 

3. Replica

Women who are looking for a lightweight accord of lime can choose to go for Replica. It brings the zestiness of springtime lime that is neither too light nor too strong. Some other notes of Replica are coriander, white musk, etc. 

4. Mint Verbena

It is a mint-based perfume that comes up with the extract of verbena and essentials of mint oil. Ladies who desire a wearable summer aroma can choose to go for Mint Verbena.

5. Venetian Bergamot

Venetian Bergamot is a perfume that has a spicy edge of sourness with a blend of ginger. The pink pepper note of Venetian Bergamot can make women cheerful. 

6. Bergamote 22

For everyday wear, this perfume finds suitability among women. Some common notes of Bergamote 22 are neroli, bergamot, and musk. It is one of the most sophisticated perfumes for females. 

7. Aqua Allegoria

Another sophisticated perfume that is available for women is Aqua Allegoria. This is an elegant perfume with notes of peppery basil, amber, and mandarin. For daily use, it is perfect. 

8. Gypsy Water

It is a perfume that is a blend of pine needles, lemon, amber, juniper berries, sandalwood, vanilla, pepper and orris. Gypsy Water is a pricey perfume. The high price adds a disadvantage to this perfume. 

9. Magnifying Bergamot

A magical perfume that is lightweight and perfect for women is Magnifying Bergamot. The most common note of Magnifying Bergamot is Calabrian bergamot. Only one size is available for this perfume. 

10. 19-16 Capri

The blossoms of angelica seed, oranges, and ylang-ylang are available in the 19-16 Capri perfume. Its fresh aroma may last for some hours only. The 19-16 Capri perfume is not acidic and this adds an advantage. 

11. Versace Pour Femme

A blend of guava, lemon, and mandarin is available in the form of a perfume known as Versace Pour Femme. Ladies who are looking for a hot weather perfume can find this product as a perfect one. 


This is a perfume with warm notes of sandalwood, laudanum, and citrus accord. Women who want a bold smell can buy BLEU DE CHANEL perfume. 

13. Fleur De Portofino

The fragrance of Italy can be remembered after spraying Fleur De Portofino perfume. This product is a blend of citrus fruits and floras. It has notes of acacia honey, lemon, and jasmine flowers. 


Another perfume that consists of the blossoms of oranges together with the notes of Juniper berry, patchouli, and angelica root is SENS EAU DE. It can elevate moods through citrus aroma.

15. London Lime

London Lime perfume is a combination of basil, amber, and mandarin. Women can experience strong sweetness and sourness after spraying this perfume all over their bodies. 

16. Perfumehead Somewhere

For all ladies out there, this perfume is perfect because its aroma comes up with a combination of palo santo, sandalwood, and blood orange. Some other notes of Perfumehead Somewhere are sandalwood, palo santo, etc. 

17. Mediterranean Honeysuckle

Dreamy vacations in Italy can be experienced by ladies after spraying Mediterranean Honeysuckle perfume. The important nodes of this perfume are ambrox, honeysuckle, and moss. 

18. Acqua Di Parma

It is a classic perfume that is a combination of lavender and rosemary apart from citrus fruits. Those who are looking for a fresh perfume for day-to-day wear must choose to go for Acqua Di Parma. 

19. Byredo Sundazed

This perfume is a cosmetic product that is a combination of orange blossom, coconut, and mandarin. Byredo Sundazed is a good option for summer night smells. 

20. Dolce and Gabbana

Last but not least, Dolce and Gabbana is a lightweight citrus perfume for females. The important notes of this perfume are cedar wood, mandarin, and lemon. It is a good option for summer nights. 


In this blog, we have explored the topmost citrus perfumes that are designed especially for females. These perfume options are good for summertime and springtime. Some of these are mild, while others have overpowering smells. Mandarin, lemon, oranges, and cedar wood are the common notes of these products. Women can select any perfume based on their preferences. All characteristics of these perfumes must be analyzed before a purchase. 

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