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How To Make Attar Of Roses?

How To Make Attar Of Roses?

Attar of roses describes the formula of extracting the volatile oil from the fresh petals of the flowers. There is a process to make original rose attar perfume and rose water. The most important thing before preparing the attar is that we have to use only the fresh petals of the roses. Basically picked in the morning from the plants, after the dew has evaporated, but early before afternoon. Just for the fragrance in the house people sometimes bring fresh flowers for the home, which changes the atmosphere of the home temporarily, and soon the flower fades and leaves you with nothing, but memories. With few things and little time, you can preserve the smell of the rose flowers for a long. Also, you can scent your house for years, by extracting the rose attar oil.

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What is attar?

The attar is an expensive and alcohol-free perfume, prepared using dense oil and fresh rose petals. Attar oil is easy to make, you just have to pick some fresh flowers from your garden. You can also use the rose bouquet flowers given to you by someone special. We require at least 400 kg of rose petals to produce 180 ml of attar. Therefore pure attar is so expensive.

Process Of Making Rose Attar

  • Pluck the flowers early in the morning after the dew evaporates, at this time the oil in the flowers is at its peak. The flowers which are in the beginning to open have the most fragrance in them. Avoid the full bloom of the flower as its scent has begun to fade. Take the petals of the flower, and spread them in between the layer of cotton or paper.
  • The petals of the flower should be removed properly, before keeping them in a food storage bag and sealing the bag. Now crush the petals lightly with a wooden piece to bruise and release the fragrance.
  • Olive oil is less expensive and works as a carrier oil. keep the petals in the glass jar and fill them with olive oil. Now shake the jar so the oil gets mixed with the petals to make the rose attar perfume. you can also use sweet almond oil which is a bit expensive but adds a distinctive, pleasing fragrance of its own.
    Now put the container near the sunny window side and allow the rose flower petal or roses to soak in the oil for at least 24 hours for attar. Shake the container gently and strain through a double layer of cheesecloth or coffee filter and discard the old petals.
  • Collect new petals of the rose flower and repeat the process of soaking, crushing petals, and covering them with oil. Let the petals be in the oil for 24 hours. Now repeat the process using the same oil, for 3 consecutive days or until the fragrance reaches the desired level.
  • Store the rose scent fragrant in a cool dry place in a glass bottle and use it in crafts or potpourri as a perfume.

Benefits Of Rose Attar

The original rose attar has some special features, it consists of some special beneficial components that refresh both body and mind. The significant effects are as under.

The rose attar has antimicrobial compounds, like citrus acid which is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral in nature, thus it is effective in respiratory infection, flu, and skin health infections.

The attar helps in detoxifying the body and skin because there are powerful antioxidants present in the rose attar.

Rose attar perfume or oil is very effective and helps in relieving spasms of the muscles, intestine, and respiratory system and is also very effective in miscarriages and menstrual cramps.

It helps in improving mental strength, mood, and self-confidence by fighting the stress and depression of the person.

Rose attar is very helpful in regulating the hormonal secretions of human beings.

By skin repairing actions and rejuvenating, rose attar is a perfect ingredient to maintain a youthful complexion.

The deep nourishing action of the original rose attar is in making moisturizing cosmetics.

How To Use Rose Attar

Pure rose attar oil is very expensive and can be used by adding the attar to water. Now you can apply it on your skin or inhale.

After bath mix at least 5-10 drops of attar in your bathing water as per the requirement. The attar is an essential oil, mix it with some other carrier oil before adding it to water.

You can also put rose attar oil on your chest or inhale with the help of a diffuser. Take a message from that oil to relax your body and mind which helps in reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.

To wear the fragrance of attar you can put the oil on your finger and palm. Now rub the oil smoothly, and use it on your clothing or skin.


Attar of roses are expensive natural perfumes, that can be worn to improve social dignity. It presents the sense of taste, and glory of the tradition. However, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely consider experiencing the unique smells of natural rose fragrances. It’s different when the industry uses its complex technique to form rose attar. This increases the excitement of using the attar. Children above the age of 12 can also use it, as the ingredients used in preparing are homemade. Thus it is entirely healthy.

This is the only reason people prefer to make rose attar generally at home, as they are eco-friendly and chemical-free. Their demand has increased in the market as using organic products like homemade attar is the best way to protect the skin from harm. You can do it easily, as it has a very easy formula for making an attar. The attar has been used in the eastern world for ages and now it’s getting popular in the western world these days. The attar is creating a significant mark and now people are trying to produce attar at home.

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