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Jimmy Choo has ruled the world with their creative designs of handbags and shoes since 1996. But in 2011, the brand entered the world of fragrance with the launch of its first-ever signature fragrance. This sparkling Jimmy Choo perfume was very well appreciated all over the world and paved the path for Jimmy Choo colognes too.

The label might have come into existence in 1996 but it was not until 20 years ago that it became a luxury brand by creating shoes for the Princess of Wales, Diana. Now it is managed by Sandra Choi(niece of Jimmy Choo).

Initially, it was recognized as a luxury symbol for high-class society, but in the last century, the brand has been successful in entering the wardrobe of the upper middle class too. Currently, the brand provides many options for both men and women ranging from the simple yet elegant Jimmy Choo Blossom for women to the dark and intensive Jimmy Choo Man Intense.

Jimmy Choo for Her

All the perfumes of Jimmy Choo have been designed keeping in mind the strong personality of women who rule the world as beautifully as they rule their household. All Jimmy Choo women’s perfume have a common sparkling start that signifies the positivity and optimism that a woman radiates. Some of the most popular from women’s collections such as I Want Choo Forever and Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower have successfully marked their presence in the market since launch.

Jimmy Choo Cologne

Jimmy Choo cologne for men is the perfect beauty that represents modern-day men. Although available in different accords, the one thing common in all Jimmy Choo cologne is the blend of freshness mixed with a tiny hint of rebelness. The appealing notes of Jimmy Choo Man Cologne and Jimmy Choo Ice Cologne are amongst the best sellers for the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Jimmy Choo so famous?

Jimmy Choo Ltd is a well-known brand all over the globe. This is most famous for its hand-woven women’s shoe collection and offers a wide range of products. Now the luxury brand has also managed to enter the world of fragrances and its perfumes and colognes are ruling all over the industry.

2. Is Jimmy Choo a British brand?

Yes, It is a luxury fashion house from Britain and especially works in shoes, handbags, accessories, and fragrances.

3. Which is the oldest perfume of Jimmy Choo?

The oldest perfume of Jimmy Choo is their first-ever fragrance “Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum” launched in 2011.

4. Who is the ambassador for Jimmy Choo?

Kendall Jenner is the official brand ambassador of Jimmy Choo.

5. What does Jimmy Choo’s perfume smell like?

Every perfume from the house of Jimmy Choo is designed to highlight the different specialties of a woman hence each perfume emits its respective aura. But the common accord of these perfumes is the sweet fruity floral start.