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House of Dana is a classic perfumery established in 1932 in Spain by a lawyer named Javier Serra. It has been relocated many times since then. First, it shifted from Spain to Paris and then to the US in 1940. The first fragrance ever created by Dana was named Tabu which is in production till now because of its beautiful and unique fragrance.


Q. Does Dana still make classic perfumes?

Dana continues to sell its original classic perfumes with the same composition even after 74 years. Tabu by Dana was first launched in 1940 and is still one of the bestsellers of the brand.

Q. What perfumes did Dana make?

Dana is known for the sweet classics like Tabu and Chantilly which dominate with a warm and sweet fragrance. But apart from sweet classics, the house of Dana also produces amber, woody, spicy, tobacco, and leather-based scents for both men and women.

Q. Who owns Dana’s perfumes?

Dana was originally founded and owned by Javier Sierra. In 2008, it was overtaken by Patriarch Partners LLC.