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How to Apply Cologne?


It is very important to know how to apply cologne in the proper way, if you are not done properly, it will lead to fading quickly or either over-application of the cologne that makes the overpowering smell on you. Usually, when you go out the door you spray it on your clothes and start your day, but this is the worst way to the application of the cologne.
As everyone knows that colognes play an important role in our personal and grooming lifestyle. What type of cologne do you select that speaks more about what kind of personality you are. As all, we know fragrances have a connection with memory and experience. If you planned properly and choose the best cologne that suits your personality, then it can make you feel more confident and attractive. It also helps to appear that way to those around you.

All fragrances are created with a mixture of oils, alcohol, and water. When you applied the fragrances they break down into their molecules. The first note aroma hit your nose this is the top note, after this stage alcohol and water evaporate and only oils are left onto your body and mixed with body chemistry, these notes are heart or mid notes. In the final stage, the notes remain the same these are the base notes. These all are the stages of how the fragrances and their notes work.

Most men use colognes for their personality and to boost their confidence. When your cologne smells good it attracts people toward you. You find your best cologne but don’t know how to make its fragrances last longer. So here we discuss tips about how to make your cologne last longer that stay on your body for long hours.

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What is Cologne?

Cologne includes a very light concentration of perfume oils, generally 2 to 4 percent. In other words, we can say that a perfumed liquid is composed of alcohol and fragrant oils. It contains more alcohol and stays only for a few hours. Colognes are not meant for all-day wear. These perfumes feel mild and fresh without being too overpowering. Cologne contains top notes, mid notes, and base notes that absorb into the body’s chemistry and transform it. These colognes are available for both men and women.

The correct way to the application of Cologne

1. Apply cologne after a shower onto dry skin

When you take a shower it helps to cleanse your body and opens your pores, then it helps to the scent easily absorb into your skin. After taking a shower dry your skin completely and then spray the scent. It will lead to cologne stays lasting longer and giving you more effective results.

2. Application of Cologne to heated areas of your body

When you apply cologne on the warmest areas of your skin, then cologne quickly melts into your skin or with your body’s chemistry. This helps to diffuse the scent throughout the day. It is the best way to develop your signature scent with the cologne scent that is unique to you. The heated areas of the body include the chest, neck, pulse points, inner elbows, or forearms.

3. Spray the cologne 3-6 inches from your body

While applying the spray cologne you should hold the bottle 3-6 inches away from your body and then spray. If you spray closer you have to take risk of over-application. Once you applied the product then don’t rub it because it can damage the fragrance molecules and the main cause to fade faster. One spray of product is enough and do not spray into the air because it wastes the product or does not spray on your clothes, as it will cause to damage the clothes.

4. Always start with the light application

As you start using cologne sprays, the first thing does not to use cologne in all the heated body areas. Always choose one area and start using one spray. After applying you noticed that your fragrance fades quickly, then next time choose another area and apply the scent there. When you apply scent you noticed that after some time you become nose-blind to the scent you wear. So you might ask a family member or a close friend whether the application is appropriate or not. But the best way to apply cologne is “less is more”.

5. Re-application of Cologne

It is depending on the type of product that you buy, If you choose better quality cologne then it stays longer otherwise you may need to re-apply the cologne. If you wear fragrance in the morning then you may reapply it in the evening or mid of the day. When the fragrance going to fade so simply dab a little onto the pulse points or you can apply it on the neck or wrists also.

Common mistakes when applying to Cologn

1. Use of fragrance on the clothes

Colognes are designed for application on human skin. When You spray the scent directly on the clothes it stops the fragrance from mixing with your natural oils, and this is the main reason you will not get your unique smell. If you directly spray on the clothes then it will damage clothes fabrics and also leaves stains. This can also stop the scent fragrance from going through its scent stages.

2. Rubbing the Cologne onto the skin

When you rub the cologne into your skin it makes the fragrance fade faster, because when you rub the fragrance it breaks the fragrance molecules bond. So the best way to apply the fragrance is with a dab motion don’t rub if you are not using spray cologne.

3. Over Application of Cologne

When we discuss cologne, then it is not good in both ways less and more. If you apply cologne too much then it will be overpowering you and when you apply less that will fade quickly. So, you should apply a balancing amount of cologne. Firstly start with light and ask others if they will tell you to need more or less cologne.

4. Splashing Cologne onto your Skin

When you are using cologne that bottle does not have a spray nozzle then you apply cologne by splashing it onto your body. But you should avoid splashing the cologne onto your body. You should apply with your fingers Place your one finger on the mouth of the bottle carefully tip it upside down and apply it on the skin in a dabbing motion. It also saves your cologne from wastage.

5. Spraying the cologne and walking through it

You think you apply the cologne with this method and this helps you prevent over-application, but this only wastes your product. You think the majority of the cologne you spray needs to be placed on your body. But applying the cologne with this method means most of it ends up on the floor.

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