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Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil: A Brief Difference

Fragrance Oil vs Essential oil

Oils are hydrophobic liquid, which means it doesn’t mix with water. These liquids are heavily used in industry as well as for personal care or hygiene. The use of oils is to act as a lubricant or for daily purposes. Oils are also used for medicinal and for ingestion, Apparently, both of these oils are quite similar as well as distinctive. So, it is hard to guess which one is good or bad for us. These are a classification of Oils, which can be further divided into small parts. For now, we will discuss Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil. These two Oils are in demand in society, as they can be used daily and make our lifestyle better. Let’s Discuss further in the article about Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil.

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What are Fragrance Oils?

Fragrance oils are manufactured by companies or industries, these oils have a primary target to enhance the aroma of the air around them. It helps in reducing the bad odour of the space or improving personal hygiene. Mainly used for personal hygiene,  these oils help induce relaxation or pleasing effects to an individual for their day-to-day life. 

These oils have a tendency to last for a few hours which is beneficial for any living space or an individual. Having different product companies or manufacturers producing a variety of flavours or scents. There are hundreds of companies and some are homemade, also it is a DIY (Do It Yourself) experiment, where you can mix a variety of aromatic items and mix them in an oil container to form fragrance oil.

Types of Fragrance Oil

  • Fragrance Oil for Candles
  • Fragrance Oil for Skin
  • Fragrance Oil for Soap
  • Fragrance Oil for Body Butter
  • Fragrance Oil for Diffuser

Fragrance Oil for Candles

Fragrance Oil is mixed with the candle wax or Oil is added to the candle in drops. The purpose of these candles is to spread a sweet aroma in the living space, which eliminates Odour or makes the room become more pleasing or relaxing. These candles are very rich in aroma, which is ideal for using them for special occasions at home like Family dinners, Family gatherings, festivals Celebrations etc. 

There are many types of Fragrances in Candles:

  • Floral scented
  • Fresh scented
  • Woody scented
  • Oriental scented

Floral Scented Candles

These types of scented candles are derived from flowers, which are the most intense and rich type of scent. These are considered the top of the pyramid in scents and are described as mild and delicate. Some contain only one type of floral scent and some may contain a mix of floral and fruity scents, making them form diverse types of scents. Some of the popular floral scents are magnolia, jasmine Lavender etc. 

Fresh Scented Candles

These types of scented candles are loved by many, as it has a bright, uplifting and exuberant feel to them. These types of scented candles can be used daily or for normal day-to-day work. It is ideal for work culture as it motivates the person and also lightens the mood for work. These types of scents include Rosemary, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Tangerine etc. Also mixed with herbs and floral extracts, to create vibrant scents with the feel of an exotic holiday.

Woody Scents

As the name suggests, it is extracted from trees or roots. These scents have an earthy, rich, warm and slightly Intense feel to them. It has been characterised as having a masculine edge to it, still feels universal. Some of the Popular ones are PineWood, Sandalwood, Cedarwood Patchouli etc. some are mixed with floral or fruity. 

Oriental Scents

These are the exotic and sensual types of scents, highly aromatic scents like vanilla, smokey incense and complex spices and resins such as amber. Quite distinctive from florals, these scents are more desirable after the daytime mostly in the evening. 

Fragrance Oil for Skin

These are used to mask the scent on the skin to be ready for the occasion. These fragrance oils should be mixed or diluted with carrier oils and then applied over the skin. They provide no health benefits but help to have a refreshing effect, unsuitable for daily application on the skin. 

Fragrance oil for Soap 

Soaps are traditionally scented, these are ideal for ready-to-use and used in daily routine. It is also a DIY product, you can make this by yourself at home with all the ingredients. These are rather expensive than traditional soaps, and also not suitable for all skin types. 

Fragrance Oil For Body Butter

Readily used for personal hygiene, these are alternatives to Fragrance Soaps. These are more beneficial for the body and carry more scent than soaps and are also DIY products. 

Fragrance Oil for Diffuser

As for making room scented or aromatic, especially for occasions, this is needed for every household. Not just in rooms, but in washrooms, bathrooms etc. for making you feel refreshed and making the place feel fresh and ready to use.

Two Broad Categories Of Fragrance Oil

  1. Synthetic Oils

Synthetic Oils are created from artificial components. Due to its long-lasting effect the need for synthetic oils is much higher than for natural ones. These contain a mixture of many chemical compounds which will create new fragrances every day and hence increase the number of varieties and increase the market value of the product or brand. It can harm the skins which is sensitive because of the compounds that are used in the products.

  1. Natural Oils

These are man-made oils as well, they are only derived or extracted from natural sources which gives their fragrance a natural scent. Although they do not last as long as synthetic ones, they cause no harm to the skin who have sensitive bodies. These can be considered a better alternative than synthetic ones as they do not carry many chemicals. 

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are plant extract, which has beneficial properties, scent and flavour. These oils are 100% natural or pure, as they are not mixed or processed in order to generate their own scent or fragrance. Essential oils have an effect on emotion, chemistry, bodily function and processes. 

Generally used for cosmetic purposes or for Therapy (Aromatherapy). It will absorb via the skin layer, which later moves down the bloodstream and then reaches the treatment areas. It is a natural antibody or immunity booster and anti-microbial, which is useful for light ailments in the skin. In some cases, it can be ingested and which is under special supervision.

Most Common Kinds Of Essential Oils And Their Uses

  • Tea tree: Fights infection and boost immunity
  • Rose: Improve mood and reduce anxiety
  • Jasmine: Help with depression, childbirth and libido
  • Lemon: Aid digestion, mood and headaches
  • Bergamot: Reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema
  • Peppermint: Boosts immunity and Aids digestion


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oil in therapy for healing purposes. These oils help stimulate the brain with the aroma of the essential oil, which helps the person feel relaxed and makes the mind calm. On the other hand, it is in use for massage therapy which helps relax the muscle. 

Aromatherapy targets the brain via scent through the nose or mouth past the lungs and there to other parts of the body. The molecules of the scent reach the limbic system linked to emotions, the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress etc and balance it. Hence having subtle yet holistic effects on the body. 

How to choose the right essential oil?

These are a few points to consider before choosing essential oil:

  • Purity
  • Quality 
  • Trustworthy


It is important to check for the “Purity” of the product, mainly extracted from plants, roots etc. and they have a distinct aroma to it which helps stimulate your senses and also benefits your lifestyle or ailments.


Choose the essential oil which doesn’t contain any alteration after the extraction process. Which is chemical-free and extracted for the mechanical cold press to extract oil.


Building trust for a product which gives you optimum results or fulfils your needs. Always use the best product for your best.

Difference: Fragrance Oil vs Essential Oil

Fragrance OilsEssential Oils
Natural or SyntheticSyntheticNatural
SourceChemical Compounds & NaturalNatural Components like Plants and Roots
UsageScented Candles, Scented Soaps, Perfume, Air freshenersAromatherapy, Vaporizers, Detergents, Soaps
Shelf LifeUpto 12 months2 – 15 Years
ProsCan produce a vast variety of Scents, Cheaper to produce and purchaseMedicinal benefits, Long lasting
ConsExpire quicker than essential oils, No medical effectsIt is expensive, May not be suitable for different skin types
Price PointIn BudgetExpensive
ExamplesVanilla, magnolia, Lavender etcRose, Jasmine, Lemon etc.


Since both of them are oils, it is genuine to say they are aromatic. But the usefulness of the aroma is different, the benefit it will provide for an individual will be different as well. On one hand, Fragrance Oil is considered by the name, it provides or makes the aroma spread around you to mask the bad odours and make the room lively and fresh. On the other hand, Essential oils have medicinal properties which can help a person heal and remove their ailments. Hence, this fragrance oil vs essential oil brief idea is for you to understand now.

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