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Difference Between Perfume and Toilette: Detailed Explanation

Difference Between Perfume and Toilette

In the world of perfumes, there are many types, sizes, and quantities of sprays or aerosols. These sprays are in need whether it is for youngsters or adults, at work, or on occasion. The purpose of these is to make an individual ready for the day for its activities. Perfume is a common word that was derived from the Latin phrase “per fumus” in which “per” means “through” and “fumus” means “smoke”.  This was renamed “parfum”, coined by the French, which was the burning of incense sticks.  Toilette, pronounced as “Eau de Toilette” is a small bottle-filled perfume that lasts only about a few hours. The meaning of this word “Eau de Toilette” simply refers to “water of the toilette”, whereas” Toilette” refers to the ritual of getting ready for the day. Carrying on, we will now discuss the difference between Perfume and Toilette

What exactly are “perfumes” in general?

Perfumes are scented bottle which carries different fragrances or scents. These are primarily used to prepare the individual for any occasion and also help in masking the odour or smell. It contains a mixture of perfume oils, alcohol (diffusing agent), and traces of water.

Difference Between Perfume and Toilette

Types of Perfume

Classified based on their percentage of scented oil or fragrance concentration. These are categorized into five parts:

  • Perfume or Parfum
  • Eau de Perfume or Eau de Parfum 
  • Eau de Toilette 
  • Eau de Cologne 
  • Eau Fraiche 

1. Perfume or Parfum

Modernized by the French, the word “Parfum” means burning of incense resin. These are the most expensive kinds of perfume which contain 20-30% of the fragrance concentration. These bottles of perfume are heavier and more concentrated than other types. Its fragrance duration is long-lasting having an average of 8 hours up to 24 hours.

Some of the best Perfume types are:-

  • Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian’s
  • De La Nuit 3 Parfum by ROJA Dove
  • VI by Gianni Vive Sulman
  • No. 1 by Clive Christain
  • 1 Million 18 Carat LUXE Edition by Paco Rabanne
Perfume or Parfum

2. Eau de Parfum

 Eau de Parfum

Having a fragrance concentration of about 15-20% is a lighter product and its fragrance duration is short of around 4 to 5 hours. These have a larger concentration of alcohol and water which is why it is cheaper than perfume or perfume. 

Some of the best Eau de Parfum types are:-

  • Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome
  • YSL Y EDP by Yves Saint Laurent
  • Coco Eau de Parfum
  • Armaf El Cielo EDP by Armaf
  • Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton

3. Eau de Toilette

Lower Concentration of fragrance concentration of about 5-15% and high alcohol concentration, cheaper than “Eau de Parfum”. Its duration is 2-3 hours and it evaporates quickly.

Some of the best Eau De Toilette perfumes are:-

  • Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto Di Calabria by Acqua Di Parma
  • HERMÈS Voyage d’Hermès Eau de Toilette
Eau de Toilette

4. Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne

With only 2-4% of fragrance concentration, lower than Eau de Toilette and creates a very light formulation. This is originally meant for men, as this is used as an aftershave, and evaporates after 2 hours. The name “Cologne” is a common word used to denote “fragrance worn by male”. 

Some of the best Eau de Cologne perfumes are:-

  • Wood Sage and Sea Salt by Jo Malone London
  • Hims Small Batch Scent
  • Hermes Eau De Basilic Pourpre Cologne
  • Jo Malone London Moonlit Camomile Cologne
  • Acqua Di Parma Colonia Futura

5. Eau Fraiche

The name translates to fresh water. Having the lowest fragrance concentration among all perfume types, it contains only 1-3% of the scent concentration and is mixed with water. These are the most affordable types of perfume. 

Some of the best Eau Fraiche perfumes are:-

  • Chanel Chance
  • Pure Eau Fraiche by Karen Low
  • Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Gianni Versace
  • Miris No Impression by Chance Eau Fraiche
  • Karen Low Pure Fraiche for Women Eau
Eau Fraiche

Perfume (Parfum) vs Toilette (Eau De Toilette) 

Parfum or commonly known as Perfume consists of a high fragrance concentration of about 20-30% more than any other type. This type of perfume has a long-lasting smell and carries high intensity than any other perfume type also heavier than any other kind in terms of the bottle.

Toilette or called “Eau De Toilette” is a lighter mixture of perfume oil and alcohol in which the Fragrance concentration is about 5-15%. Also, the alcohol quantity will be more than its fragrance oil, therefore it will evaporate quickly and will have a short duration in terms of intensity. 

Which will be better for daily use?

For daily usage, it is recommended to use Toilette (Eau de Toilette) as it contains a lighter mixture, making it not hard-hitting for the nose. Also as it contains diffusing agents (alcohol) in more quantity than fragrance it will evaporate quickly. Which makes it easier to work efficiently and feel fresh all the time. On the other hand, Perfume (Parfum) is more likely to be suited for Occasions like weddings, festivals, or any family gatherings, where it becomes fitting and thus maintains your persona.

Which one will be better for the skin?

Perfume or Parfum consists of a mixture of High fragrance concentrations and fewer Diffusing agents (alcohol), whereas Toilette ( Eau de Toilette)  consists of high alcohol and Fragrance concentration mixture. Applying more alcohol over the skin will tamper with the cells of the skin and even harms the fabric or accessories. 

Therefore it is recommended to use Perfume more than Toilette in terms of skin condition. Either way, both are better in usage, the rest depends on terms of usage.

Does it make any difference in Fragrance?

It does make a difference in terms of fragrance. They both can contain the same oil extracts and still have the same fragrance. But, the only difference it makes is the variety of the fragrances. They both carry different types of fragrance mixtures or Aromas. As one contains higher alcohol concentration and the other doesn’t, the composition of fragrances changes and they have to be in the proper ratio to dissipate properly.

Which one is cost-efficient?

Toilette (Eau de Toilette) will be rather budget-friendly than Parfum (Perfume). The reason is the richness of the fragrance concentration, which defines the quality of the product, as Parfum has a higher concentration it tends to be more expensive than Toilette. 

How long does it last?

Depending upon the amount of usage of the product, the Parfum tends to last up to 24 hours. Whereas Toilette tends to last for about 2-3 hours, each is distinct in terms of duration due to the amount of alcohol (diffusing agent). This is the reason which will defy how much time it will take to evaporate, as the more alcohol is the faster the fragrance disappears. 

How to use Perfume and Toilette?

Usually, there are a variety of ways to use it, but it is recommended to use it over the body rather than the clothing or accessories. The reason is as there is alcohol in both of them and which makes them slightly corrosive for the fabric or accessories. Alcohol over the body will not harm as long it isn’t applied too much on the same spot, mainly the inner elbow and underarms because it tends to have a slight burning sensation. Also, it needs a slightly warm temperature which can be provided by the body to evaporate easily so it won’t stick for long. Famous tip, don’t apply and rub it as it breaks the oil and it will lose its effect. 


Both perfumes are having distinct intensities in terms of aroma or scent, Perfume has a stronger fragrance concentration, which has a long-lasting effect when applied or used. Whereas the Toilette type perfume has a lighter fragrance concentration, which has a shorter duration and will evaporate much quicker than Perfume. Both of them are expensive in terms of aroma, but Perfume is much costlier if you buy the best one rather than the Toilette type one. 

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