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What To Do With Old Perfume Bottles?

what to do with old perfume bottles

As we all know that perfume plays an important role in our life, it makes your life interesting, confident & refreshing. But there are so many other ways we can use the empty bottles in our lifestyle. It enhances your house in a good & positive way with full of joy & happiness. In our surroundings, an empty perfume bottle may be used in a variety of ways. Here are some uses such as can be used for planting, storing your household items, converting bottles into a vase, and many more things. So let’s discuss what to do with old perfume bottles?

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List Of Some Uses Of Old Perfume Bottles

1. Can Do Planting In The Old Bottles

This is one of the best ways to use your empty fragrance bottles, you can use it for planting your favorite herbs in your house for decoration purposes. The fragrance bottle gives you a good essence of smell while planting a beautiful flower inside. A small plant will enhance the room environment and it looks eye-catching when put on the window side. A good-looking perfume glass can also be purchase from the market for plantation. It helps to maintain a positive environment that plays an important role in our daily lifestyles.

can do planting in the old bottles image

2. Oil Burner – A good essence of smell

Oil Burner A good essence of smell image

As we all know, people try to use empty bottles of any product. This is also the best way to save your money & you don’t have to purchase any extra bottle for Oil Burner, you can use an empty glass bottle for Oil Burner that helps to make your room environment cool, energetic & seductive. After decoration of the bottle it looks quite good, attractive & charming. It gives you positive energy when we put each & every nook & corner of the room. Hence, all these things make your environment clean & fresh.

3. Jewelry Holder Bottles

For creativity purposes, sometimes people try to use an empty bottle. You can also use an empty bottle for Jewelry or Ornament holder. Your empty bottle will look nice & attractive while putting Jewelry on top of the bottle. It helps to maintain your bottle good & stunning.

jewelry holder

4. Reused Bottle Into Vase

Reused Bottle Into Vase image

You can use an old perfume bottle into a vase without any if & but. Vases will look charming & attractive by filling the water with creative flowers inside the bottle and added with some additional decorative & colorful pebbles, small stones & many other things. Place the vase somewhere like the window side, refrigerator & glass table, that makes your house beautiful, charming & stunning. All these small things also attract the guest inside your house. It keeps maintain your home good, attractive, charming and also creates a peaceful environment in your house. It also creates a positive environment when beautiful vases are put into homes, restaurants and other good places.

5. Help To Make Bubbles

You can also convert your empty perfume bottle into a bubble purpose. Kids will love it & this is a good time pass thing for anyone. It is mostly done for entertainment purposes & keeps busy & healthy environment. Sometimes when a person came from the office and wanted to make stress free then this is the best way to release your workload & keep entertain yourself. It helps to give positivity in your surroundings and turn your mood into a fun, crazy environment. Most of the time children do all these activities at their school competition level, they use these empty bottles for bubble competitions.

Help To Make Bubbles image

6. Turn It Into A Candle Purpose

Turn It Into A Candle Purpose image

You can also turn your perfume bottle into a candle purpose by removing some lids part from the top of the glass. Most of the time people it when you don’t have electricity in your house & doing something like making food, washing clothes & many more purposes. If you wanted to make it good looking, charming & attractive then you can put some flowers, pebbles & other decorative things all the corner side. It feels sometimes like you are sitting with your girlfriend at a candle light dinner. This enhances your environment positively & makes it more beautiful & charming.

7. Make It Into A Reed Diffuser

You can make an empty perfume glass bottle a reed diffuser & simply make your environment smelling & attractive. You should put warm water inside half portion of the bottle & add some necessary oils and keep it in some good place like a glass table, window side & many more areas. It looks good, attractive & feels romantic while converting it into the reed diffuser. It endures a positive environment & maintains a positive feeling. This also gives you a stronger feeling and also keep helps in mental peace. All these types of activities make your environment cool, refreshing and stunning.

Make It Into A Reed Diffuser image

8. Convert It Into Art Work

Convert It Into Art Work image

Suppose you want to reuse your empty perfume glass bottle into artwork then it will be a good choice for you. People also like all these kinds of activities for home decoration so that it looks quite good & simply attention gaining. There are different artworks like historical paintings, monuments, iconic pictures & many more things that attract users. A variety of paintings always attract customers to purchase them & this becomes sometimes a better option to sell reused bottles. Hence it will be good enough for all the people who do all this activity on empty bottles.

9. Turn Them Into A Lighting Purpose

Everybody wants good surroundings with full of attractive lighting. So here you can reuse the empty perfume bottle into a romantic & gorgeous one. All these bottle should be used for lighting that includes for some purposes like night out parties and many more things. This should also be used for home decorations in which connect twinkling lights inside the perfume & attached to the top of the ceiling. It also helps in making your positive surroundings that enhance our environment. So many different ways home decorations can be done.

Turn Them Into A Lighting Purpose image

10. Turn Them Into A Perfume Display

Turn Them Into A Perfume Display image

Yes, converting an empty glass bottle into a gorgeous perfume display will be a good option for anyone. Through this, you can use it for earning money, fill the bottle with warm & colored water inside and display them for home decoration purposes. It also matters which type of bottles you are using it. A small size bottle will enhance while putting some good & attractive stuff inside this. Also this is a good enough thing for any romantic date, mostly it gives good & attractive for home decoration purposes.

11. Can Be Used For Household Items

We all know, our lifestyles have changed and sometimes we use empty bottles for putting kitchen stuff. Especially in the kitchen, our mother/wife/sister uses all these empty bottles. A lot of benefits should be used for empty bottles that also make our life easy & graceful. All these should be used especially for recycled items which should be good enough for sale purposes.

Can Be Used For Household Items image

12. Convert Them Into Pincushion

Convert Them Into Pincushion image

Have you used any pincushion? As we know perfume bottles can be used to make the cutest pincushion. A little bit of fabric should be stuffed inside & cover the top of your perfume bottle. Paste the top position of your perfume bottle & can be used as a pincushion. The main motive for this is to earn money through this because it is specially made for home decoration purposes. Have you seen the puppet show? All this stuff is used in the show to make the show attractive and funny.


So as we all know, there are various different ways we can use empty glass bottles in our lifestyle. We had talked about almost so many different ways of use on a regular basis. Hence for some additional purpose in our life where we try to use “What to do with old perfume bottles”.

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