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What Cologne Does Harry Styles Wear? (Revealed Top 5 Cologne)

What Cologne Does Harry Styles Wear

If you want to smell just like Harry Styles with his edgy and cheeky grin scent or want to know the reason behind Harry’s great sense of style in fragrances then this is the place you should check out, with the help of different research and analysis we came to know which cologne does Harry Styles wear and put down the entire information just for you people.

Here Are The Top 5 cologne Which Harry Styles Wear

1. Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur Cologne

Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur cologne is light and warm with complex flavours which makes it a gender-neutral perfume. Even the bottle of this perfume defines gender neutrality with the basic column-like structure. Gucci Memoire D’une is more suitable for the daytime and sunny days because of its simple and fresh green tones.
Alessandro Michele is the genius who crafted the “Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur” perfume in the year of 2019.

This perfume opens with the notes of Gucci’s exclusive Roman chamomille and bitter almond to stand out from others, which leads to the middle notes where Indian Coral-Jasmine, jasmine petals and musk give natural essence, at the end the Gucci Memoire Dune odour fades with sandalwood and cedar which gives complexity and fascinating depth to the fragrance. This perfume moderately lasts long on most skins according to different persons and their working culture.

Gucci Memoire D'une Odeur Perfume Image

2. Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne

Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume Image

Tom Ford Black Orchid cologne has a statement fragrance which allures and exudes confidence from its unique mix of woody and floral notes. The Black Orchid was launched in 2006 by the renowned perfumer Givaudan who is a classic perfumer and that is why he made Black Orchid scent a classical one with the statement of elevated status. Talking about the bottle design of Black Orchid, it is a visually distinctive bottle which resembles a black orchid itself or a black gem, it shows an opaque flacon which emanates a sense of mysterious play, the bottle cap has a touch of luxury by adding Tom Ford logo in a gold toned sleek black piece. The overall design of the bottle has unique complements providing the seductive and attractive nature of the scent.

The Black Orchid has top notes of Ylang-Ylang, truffle, and blackcurrant for making a captivative aura. In the middle notes of it, there are lotus wood, spicy notes and orchid giving it a richness of wood and a touch of alluring smoke. In the base notes of this fragrance, it consists of dark chocolate, patchouli, amber and incense giving a depth of composition by leaving a trail of mysteriousness.

3. Sauvage By Christian Dior Cologne

Sauvage cologne By Christian Dior is encouraged by the stark natural beauty and wild open spaces not just that it has become iconic and popular because of johnny depp who advertised it and has the same personality as Harry’s styles like a cheeky grin and charming personality. The Christian Dior’s Sauvage is made by Dior’s in-house perfumer Francois Demachy. As far as the bottle of Sauvage is concerned it has a semi-dark theme-like gradient in the airspace where black from the top with horizontal lines etched into the lid melding into grey and transparent at the base.

Now regarding the notes and how long it lasts, this perfume has a crisp, fresh aromatic fougere fragrance with a mix of several ingredients which are carefully selected for giving good projection and a pleasant smell. Here pepper and Calabrian bergamot are in front for giving a sensual feel, leading to its heart there is pink pepper, patchouli, lavender, geranium and Sichuan pepper for a sophisticated and formal look. In the end, this perfume fades with the cedar, labdanum and ambroxan for giving remembrance of its early notes. This perfume will last till you go to bed which makes the time approximately 8 hrs.

Sauvage By Christian Dior Perfume Image

4. Dylan Blue by Versace Cologne

Dylan Blue Perfume Image

Dylan Blue cologne is a successor of Versace’s Pour Homme collection which was released in 2013 and designed by the most famous perfumer Alberto Morillas.
Talking about the bottle of Dylan blue perfume it has a traditional shape and design of men’s perfume with deep blue colour and has a slightly architectural design in which a golden medusa seal is embossed with a golden cap, which raises the bar of modern style and elegant looks.

This perfume has a very male fragrance with an edge of woody sweetness rather than a spicy hint. Talk about the notes of Versace’s Dylan Blue perfume which opens with Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit, fig leaf and water notes; In the middle of it, there are patchouli, black pepper, violet leaf, ambroxan and papyrus, while the base notes are tonka bean, musk and saffron.

5. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford Cologne

Tobacco Vanille cologne was launched in the year 2007 by Tom Ford’s private blend collection which is why this is the most iconic perfume of this brand. It consists of a warm and rich mixture of evoking a sense of sophistication and opulence, this has a captivating scent which falls under the oriental category. The bottle of this perfume comes with a rectangular aesthetics with sleek sophisticated looks, the colour of the bottle is of posh amber which exudes the essence of the fragrance, additionally, the bottle is adorned with a gold plaque embossed with the Tom Ford Logo.

Here if talk about this perfume’s notes, it will welcome you with its lusty blend of spicy notes and tobacco leaf. As we go on, the heart of this Tom Ford Vanille perfume holds sweet vanilla, creamy tonka beans and cacao providing a soothing gourmand feel. In the end base notes of woody accords, dried fruits and a clue of aromatic tobacco blossom adds a sensual character with a smoky effect to the scent.

Tobacco Vanillle by Tom Ford Perfume image


Harry Styles have used various fragrances in the past, from which some of the best one has been shared with you above. Although it is very important to note that your personal fragrance may change by the time your liking satisfies you. Remember that these fragrances were linked with Harry Styles in the past and preferences can vary from person to person which may change over some period. At last, the choice of fragrance is a very personal one, which allows you to express your unique personality and leave a lasting impression on others.

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