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Liz Claiborne is an American fashion designer & businesswoman who launch this perfume in 1976. This company deal in different sectors like clothing, handbags, shoes & perfumes. Companies first fragrance for women has various features that were introduced in 1986. There are various different perfumes like Candies, Curve, Curve Wave & Mambo, and all have sweet, floral & elegant smells. It gives you a refreshing, cool & fresh feeling when all the notes get mixed. The notes of Mandarin orange mixed with Gardenia flowers give you a sweet & overtone feel while Peach, Lemon, Amber & Jasmine has a citrusy, juicy & warm fragrance while talking with others.


Q. What are the different types of perfumes in Liz Claiborne?

There are different types of perfumes in liz claiborne like Candies, Curve, Curve Wave & Mambo fragrance.

Q. How does this perfume smell?

This perfume smells a sweet floral fruity, while top notes get mixed with middle notes giving you a cool feeling.

Q. Is it a last-longing perfume?

Yes, this is a last-longing perfume with a fragrance of more than 8 to 9 hours throughout the day.