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Natural Vs Synthetic Fragrances

Natural vs Synthetic Fragrances

A Fragrance is a pleasant smell or aroma that is created by the composition of ingredients such as botanical extracts, essential oils, other raw materials, and chemicals. There are basically two main varieties when it comes to fragrance generally there are two main varieties i.e. Natural vs Synthetic Fragrances. Natural fragrances are a mixture of ingredients that are produced by natural origin like rose fragrances, whereas synthetic fragrances are created in laboratories. Generally, natural fragrances are believed to be more safer than synthetic fragrances as natural fragrances are composed of plant extraction which has less or no side effects on the skin whereas synthetic fragrances are created by the use of chemicals.

In this blog, we’ll be looking in-depth difference between natural and synthetic fragrances, so that you can make the best decision to select a fragrance according to your choices and needs.

Comparison or difference Between Natural Fragrances and Synthetic Fragrances

difference Between Natural Fragrances and Synthetic

Some major differences between natural and synthetic fragrances are Creaion, Ingredients, as follows:

1. Creation

The creation of both natural and synthetic fragrances is different. Read the following in detail:

Natural Fragrance
Natural Fragrances are created by the extraction of plants and essential oils. It contains floral fragrance with antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which keep an individual safe and healthy. This scent is extracted from plant-based essential oils which not only provide a pleasant scent but also help in promoting relaxation, and uplifting mood by decreasing stress. Some natural fragrance examples are floral perfumes, fruity perfumes, woody perfumes, and more.

Synthetic Fragrance
Synthetic fragrances are created with chemical compounds that also contain some harmful chemicals including Synthetic musk, Phthalates, and Parabens. These fragrances are mainly generated in laboratories.

2. Ingredients

Both fragrances consist of different ingredients. Read the following ingredients of natural and synthetic fragrances:

Natural Fragrance
Natural fragrances are composed of different ingredients, which include seeds, leaves, raw fruits, trees, herbs, diverse woods, and animal extracts.

Synthetic Fragrance
Synthetic fragrances are made up of organic compounds. Some of them are lactones, ketones, ethers, acetals, hydrocarbons, macrocyclic, furan furosemide thiazole, polycyclic, phenols, esters, aldehydes, alcohols, nitrile, shiff base, acids, pyrazine, pyridine etc.

3. Life Span

The life span durations of natural and synthetic fragrances are different. Read the following duration of both these fragrances:

Natural Fragrance
Generally, natural fragrances have a life span duration is about two and one-half years.

Synthetic Fragrance
Synthetic fragrances are well known to retain their scent for up to five years in a bottle.

4. Popular brands

The popular brands of both fragrances are different. Read the following:

Natural Fragrance
The popular brands of natural fragrances are Pacifica, Sana Jardin, Skylar, Natural talent Perfume, Good Chemistry Queen Bee Perfume, Dedcool, Heretic, Maison Louis Marie, By Rosie Jane, Kai Oil Perfume, Lavanila, Abel, Strange Invisible Perfume, Nette Coco Fleur etc.

Synthetic Fragrance
There are different popular brands that are available in synthetic fragrances. These include MCMC fragrances, Tsi-La, Pour le Monde Perfumes, Lurk, Hi Wildflower Botanica, Abel Organics, etc.

5. Cost

Both fragrances have different cost parameters. Read the following cost of natural and synthetic fragrances:

Natural Fragrance
These are generally more expensive than synthetic fragrances. The cost of this fragrance ranges from $20 to $100.

Synthetic Fragrance
The cost of synthetic fragrances is generally $10 to $50. It is less expensive than natural fragrances.

6. Availability for men and women

There are different fragrances available for men and women. Read the following natural and synthetic fragrances that are available for men and women:

Natural Fragrance
The natural fragrances for men and women are Body Mist Honey and Vanilla, Body Mist Jasmine and Saffron, Cologne Intense Vetiver, Amrita Intense Perfume, Chandani Raatein Intense Perfume, Body Mist Rose and Cardamom, Cooling Body Mist Mogra, etc.

Synthetic Fragrance
There are different synthetic fragrances for women and men. These include Bella Vita Luxury Unisex Eau De Parfum, La French Paris Eau de Parfum, La French Tokyo Eau de Parfum, Mysore Cauvery Sandalwood fragrance Perfume, Riya Melody apparel perfume Eau de Parfum, and more.


This blog describes a detailed comparison between natural and synthetic fragrances in terms of cost, popular brands, duration, etc. Both of these fragrances are used by people for different purposes, natural fragrances are used for skin care whereas synthetic fragrances are used to produce scent from the body.

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