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Sillage vs Projection(What Does They Mean In Perfume)

Sillage vs Projection

Sillage and projection are the most common terms, which describe the performance of perfume’s fragrance. Both are related to each other but can be quite confusing for most people. Hence people often tend to interchange them which is a sin in the world of perfumery. It is important to know what key roles are played by sillage and projection in perfumes, and what are the differences between them to fully understand your favourite perfume. So, have a look at this blog on Sillage vs Projection elaborating the difference between both.

What Does Sillage & Projection Mean in the Perfume World?

Brief Overview of Sillage:

When you are walking on a road on a busy day, a person walking before you emits a familiar scent from their body. You immediately notice who walked before you on the same road. It is the most important factor and explains the term ‘sillage’.

Sillage is a scent trail for the projection of perfume in the human body. It is attractive and exciting to leave an impression of the perfume’s scent through sillage on another person.

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Brief Overview of Projection:

Suppose you are celebrating a party in the pub, a person standing close to you emits a lovely scent. After everyone departs from the party, a perfume’s scent spreads away in the pub. This describes the term ‘projection’.

In other words, projection in perfume determines how far you experience a perfume’s scent from the body of the wearer. This length determines the projection level of the perfume’s scent. Strong projection determines how far you will experience a scent, whereas weak projection identifies when you experience a soft fragrance from the body.

Comparison between Sillage and Projection: Sillage Vs Projection

Below are the several factors that describe the comparison between sillage and projection:

1. Longevity:

The fragrance’s longevity affects the projection, whereas the perfume’s formulation as well as climatic conditions affects the sillage.

2. Characteristics:

Sillage is a trail in which a perfume’s scent gets left behind by the wearer. Projection is a term in which a scent of perfume is produced around you.

A perfume-producing fragrance with strong sillage has a weak projection, while a perfume-producing aroma with weak sillage has a strong projection in the human body.

3. Note Affections:

Projection is mostly affected by middle notes, which include Geranyl Acetate, Hydroxicitronellal, Ionone, etc. Sillage is affected by strong-smelling notes such as Ambroxan, Hedione, etc.

4. Methods of Improvement:

There are several methods available for the improvement of sillage and projection in the human body. Read the following about them in brief:

How to improve Sillage?

Sillage can be improved in a few ways in the human body. These include the following:

  • Make sure you are using a perfume that has a lower concentration of alcohol and a higher concentration of oil.
  • Apply a perfume to the warmer areas of the skin, for the improvement of sillage. These include elbows, wrists, and naval points in the human body.
  • You can apply splash perfumes directly on the skin, which produce fragrances for better sillage.
  • Apply perfumes that contain ambroxan, hedione, etc. These produce better sillage in the human body.
  • Apply perfume on clothes for the improvement of sillage.

How to improve Projection in perfume?

There are several methods to improve projection in the body. These are the following:

  • You can apply perfume on the body after having a bath or shower. This controls the perfume’s scent.
  • Applying perfume on the pulse points creates a better projection in the body.
  • You can use your perfume with good middle notes.
  • You can improve the skin moisture with the help of lotion before applying perfume on the body. Make sure the perfume and body lotion are of similar brands.
  • Apply perfume on the clothes, which helps to improve perfume projection.
  • You can apply perfume on body hair or hair on your head, which emits fragrance in better projection.

5. Spots to apply perfume on the body:

You can apply perfume on your chest, elbow, wrists, and clothes to increase the sillage of your perfume.

Perfume can be applied on wrists, knees, elbows, and both sides of the neck for the improvement of projection in the body.


This blog describes the two terms, ‘sillage’ and ‘projection’ that emit perfume fragrances from the human body. Both qualities play a different role and we hope you were able to get it in the blog on Sillage vs Projection. Improved sillage and projection will provide a better experience through the perfume’s scent.

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