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Which is better: ScentBox Vs ScentBird?

ScentBox Vs ScentBird

Both ScentBox and ScentBird are top-ranked fragrance subscription services. Finding a new fragrance that can match your preferences and needs is such a wonderful thing. There is a wide range of fragrances, and as a fragrance lover, it is difficult to choose a few of these. We cannot try every perfume, to find the best-suited for everyone. So, with the modernization of perfumery, fragrance subscription services were invented to solve this problem. Here we will be comparing two of the best subscriptions: ScentBox Vs ScentBird.

There are numerous fragrance subscription services available, which offer a variety of options for exploring different and new scents. In fact, you need not purchase or commit to a full-sized bottle. ScentBox and ScentBird are two very popular and ranked among the top fragrance subscription services.

In this blog, we will learn about ScentBox and ScentBird fragrance subscription services and the difference between them. Continue reading the blog to know what you should choose, ScentBird or ScentBox.

What are Fragrance Subscription Services?

Reading online about the ingredients or notes used in a perfume looks too easy, but generally, it does not work well when purchasing them. Sometimes, shopping for a new fragrance in a cosmetic store becomes a terrible experience. As a result, we buy any random perfume that we love at first sight but after using it we do not like it anymore.

Fragrance subscription services are mainly designed to focus on saving time and space in exploring the varieties of perfumes or colognes. Every subscription service offers different premium features, for which you have to pay a subscription fee. This fee can vary in terms of choosing different service providers.

How Does Fragrance Subscription Services Work?

These services typically work in a simple step-by-step process, including:

  • Signing up for a subscription
  • Preference-based selection
  • Selection of subscription plan
  • Fragrance selection and process of shipment
  • Receiving and sampling the fragrance
  • Feedback and adjustments based on your experiences
  • Subscription continuation or renewal

Key Differences Between ScentBox and ScentBird: Detailed analogy of ScentBox Vs ScentBird

There is a wide range of fragrance subscription service providers such as Luxury Scent Box, ScentBox, Skylar Scent Club,, Scent Trunk, ScentBird, Sniph, etc. Among these, the two dominant players in the market are ScentBox and ScentBird. If we particularly consider the domain of “ScentBox Vs ScentBird”, it could be an endless sea of points. Hence, we here bring you the most important and crucial points to save you the hazard of understanding.

1. Subscription Plan of ScentBox and ScentBird:

  • ScentBox:

ScentBox offers a monthly subscription service, including premium features, to its subscribers. Here, customers can choose from numerous designer fragrances, according to their sense of smell. These fragrances are designed by professional perfumers and fragrance experts.

In addition, the subscriber will receive a 30-day regular supply of perfumes each month till the subscription expires. Apart from perfumes or colognes, ScentBox also offers subscription services for skincare and other cosmetic products.

  • ScentBird:

ScentBird also offers similar features as ScentBox but with slight differences. ScentBird offers a monthly subscription pack. With ScentBird’s services, customers can select and choose from among 500 designer fragrances, which are designed by fragrance experts.

After getting a subscription, you will receive a supply of different fragrances for 30 days each month until the subscription expires. You can also avail premium features for skincare and other cosmetic products through a ScentBird subscription.

2. Comparison Between ScentBox and ScentBird:

Both of these service providers share similarities in their business models, such as referral programs. Through this, you can earn a discount or a free product by referring their plans to friends or family members.

However, there are several differences between both service providers. Here, we will learn about the key differences between ScentBox and ScentBird fragrance subscription service providers.

Points of DifferenceScentBoxScentBird
Products selectionScentBox offers subscription features for both designer and lesser-known fragrances. It provides customers with more diverse options to choose from.ScentBird mainly focuses on designer fragrances. It includes a variety of popular perfumes, colognes, and other scent brands.
Sample size offeringScentBox offers samples of size in two options, i.e. 8 ml vial and 10 ml vial. The 8 ml vial (container) provides approximately 140 sprays, while a 10 ml container comes with a capacity of approximately 200 sprays.On the other hand, the ScentBird subscription service offers an 8 ml vial with 120 sprays (approx). It is equivalent to a month’s worth of use.
CustomizationScentBox features a customized recommendation quiz, which helps customers explore and choose new fragrances according to their preferences.ScentBird allows its customers to choose their preferred fragrance each month from a list, prepared by perfume experts. Subscribers can choose the fragrances according to their preferences.
Packaging of productsScentBox offers a variety of packaging options, such as rollerballs or atomizer vials. These are divided into standard and premium categories.ScentBird is known for its smooth and simple packaging. In addition, these fragrances are commonly contained in a travel-friendly box.
PricingScentBox is generally known for its higher subscription fee when compared with ScentBird’s subscription. But, the fact behind the higher price is its service cost. It provides services regarding niche fragrances and also offers larger vials.ScentBird offers a lower subscription fee, making it more accessible for numerous budget-conscious customers.
Fragrance explorationScentBox offers you a broad range of fragrances suitable for both men and women. These fragrances include popular designer brands such as Prada, Versace, Gucci, etc. In addition, you can also find lesser-known brands in the market.ScentBird offers a recommended list prepared by experts to its customers each month, after taking a subscription. This helps customers to discover new perfumes, colognes, or fragrances.
Cancellation policiesIt offers a customized cancellation policy, which allows customers to cancel or modify their selected subscription plan to their needs.ScentBird allows its customers to cancel their selected subscription plan at any time without any plan cancellation charges.


In general, every fragrance subscription service aims to provide its members or subscribers with a time-saving and cost-effective way to explore and test a variety of fragrances. In addition, these fragrances can be selected according to one’s preference and sense of smell. We hope that we are able to satisfy your query about ScentBox Vs ScentBird in this blog.

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