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Scented Candles vs Essential Oils In Aromatherapy

Scented Candles vs Essential Oils In Aromatherapy

Candles are used for many purposes. When burned, they spread light in the darkness and act as the spirit of righteousness and illumination. Many spiritual cleansing processes require the use of scented candles. Aromatherapy and other types of therapies can also be achieved with their help.

Although candles having certain aromas seem to be dominant, they can be replaced by essential oils in some cases. Essential oils are derived from plants, and they act as an essence of aromatherapy. For this purpose, both candles and essential oils can be used. However, they differ. In this blog, Let’s explore how.

Differences Between Scented Candles vs Essential Oils

Now, we will compare aroma candles and essential oils based on several aspects. Let us get started with them.

1. Toxicity

Scented candles can be considered great items that can be included in aromatherapy and some spiritual cleansing processes. Yet, they are full of toxins. Often, we end up using candles that are made of harmful chemicals. These chemicals can give rise to health complications like asthma, allergies, and hormone disruptors. The complications could get severe as time passes by.

Essential oils that are 100% pure can be a healthy alternative to scented candles because they are biological products after all. They are available in different types of aromas. High-quality essential oils are known to enhance aromatherapy, and they have been known to achieve better results. Adulterated essential oils must not be used. They are harmful to health.

2. Longevity

A candle will melt after some hours of burning since it is an item made of wax. Most probably, the most durable ones will last longer for around 40 hours to 50 hours. During this period, professionals can achieve the maximum effect of aromatherapy and other rituals.

Essential oils last longer when compared to the longevity of scented candles. Even a 5 ml bottle of essential oil can beat a scented candle on the basis of continuity. Individuals can implement more therapy sessions by including a limited quantity of essential oils. These oils can also be mixed as a part of experimentation.

3. Affordability

Scented candles are affordable items for individuals who are preparing for aromatherapy. These come in a wide range of prices. For example, you can easily come across a candle that costs one dollar. Expensive, yet durable candles can be purchased by spending around $25. The price range of these wax items may vary according to their fragrances.

Essential oils are known to be cheaper than aroma candles when used with diffusers. A diffuser can make an essential oil last longer for some years, and it also allows more expansion of the aroma. With the help of diffusers, it is easy to customize fragrances.

4. Safety

Candles cannot be left unattended. Your pets and children may get around candles and harm themselves. Using scented candles is not always the safest option to go for during aromatherapy. Also, if you have items made of glass, they could get damaged when placed near the candles.

There is no need to worry if you have left essential oils unattended since they will not burn and melt the things nearby. Fire hazards are eliminated with the help of diffusers that contain essential oils. One doesn’t need to worry about skin allergies because harmful chemicals do not arise from diffusers.

5. Flexibility

A disadvantage of using a candle is that it only offers one aroma. Wax products like candles cannot be mixed to obtain two or more fragrances. The wax gets scentless when burned because it has lost its odourness. Low-quality scented candles can make things even worse.

Essential oils can be mixed well and used together to achieve different fragrances at the same time. In this way, these oils are more flexible than traditional scented candles. The ability of diffusion also gives flexibility to essential oils. Also, these items are not very potent.

6. Effectiveness

According to some studies, it has been found that scented candles can effectively lift moods and reduce stress. If used properly, scented candles can improve the mental health of those practicing aromatherapy. Overall, the psychological effects of aroma candles can be efficiently improved.

The psychological effects of essential oils may not be as strong as that of scented candles. One reason is that these fragrance oils are biological products and not the ones that are made of chemicals. Floral essences of essential oils are subtle in their effectiveness. Low-quality ones are not very effective for mental well-being.

7. Composure

The compositions of scented candles and essential oils are different from each other. Scented candles are made by melting wax and adding fragrances to it. Only one fragrance can be added when preparing one candle. The wax needs to be stabilized so that the candle does not lose its form when used.

Oils extracted from plants as well as flowers are used for making essential oils. Generally, these liquids are distilled using a distiller. They are then blended with the carrier oil to create a final product (essential oil). Other types of oils can also be added to some products.


In this blog, we have explored the differences between Scented Candles vs Essential Oils. They differ in terms of effectiveness, composure, safety, flexibility, and other aspects. The fragrances of essential oils are more diverse when compared to that of scented candles. When used with a diffuser, the longevity of these oils increases. 

Individuals practicing aromatherapy can either use scented candles or essential oils. Both items can also be combined during some sessions for better customization. Ultimately, one must choose a high-quality aromatherapeutic product instead of a low-quality one for the best results. this is all about Scented Candles vs Essential Oils, feel free to respond to us about your experience regarding this blog.

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