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Does Perfume Freeze In the Car?

Does Perfume Freeze In The Car

The best way to refresh yourself is to wear perfume. Many people use liquid spray perfume that has nice and fresh smells. You can use perfume after a bath or party time and feel fresh. These liquid substances are available in a lot of fragrances. Some of the popular fragrances are spicy, musky, sweet, warm, and change emotions.

In today’s time, many people travel by car. They may quite often leave their body perfumes inside it. A burning question is whether perfume or car air freshener freezes in a car or not. What happens to the perfume in this case? Let us now explore the article about “Does Perfume Freeze In the Car?”.

Does Perfume Freeze In the Car?

No, A perfume or a car air freshener has a powerful liquid composed of certain natural ingredients, and extracted oils. Secretions are used to make this fluid. All such components have their unique properties. However, one common property is that they do not freeze. Because of this reason, perfumes remain as they were in the bottles. 

What Is The Temperature of a Car’s Interior?

Now, let us explore the temperature inside a car. The interior temperatures of these automobiles are around 160॰F and 170॰F. These figures may vary according to the conditions and maintenance of a car. A general finding indicates that the older a car gets, the hotter it becomes from the inside. 

Perfume or freshener stored in cold temperatures. They will last longer if the surrounding gets cooler. Alcohol is mixed with other components of a perfume. This gives an advantage to the specialized formulation of fragrance. 

If someone uses the AC of a car, the temperature could reach 48.2॰F. Although this temperature seems to be very chilly, it still is not, since the structure of a car radiates some heat. When this temperature interacts with that of an AC, the resultant temperature could be around 50॰F. 

A low temperature in a car can still affect perfume indirectly. Here are those effects. 

1. Expansion and Contraction of Perfume Bottle

Even though the perfume is not supposed to freeze, the bottle in which it is contained may expand or contract. Metals are known to exhibit this property. A perfume bottle that is made of glass may even shatter at low temperatures. This is because the thermal coefficient of glass is generally lower than that of other materials. 

The amount of perfume contained in a bottle may also determine its expansion and contraction. A bottle that is filled with the perfume is likely to counteract this issue. When air reaches inside the bottle, it creates pressure and expands the bottle. Expansion and contraction have nothing to do with the temperature of the perfume. 

2. Evaporation and Lesser Diffusion

Perfumes and other such liquids tend to evaporate slowly when the temperature is low. Particles of the perfume vibrate and move. As the temperature rises, they move quickly and become more effective in spreading fragrance. Hence, even if a cold temperature may not freeze the perfume, it decreases its fragrance effect. 

The process in which molecules of a perfume move from the region of higher concentration to the region of lower concentration is known as diffusion. A lower temperature decreases diffusion, and a lesser diffusion indicates a slower movement of molecules. Ultimately, this is one of the effects of cold temperatures on the perfume.

What About Perfumes With Low Alcoholic Concentrations?

Not all perfume products contain alcohol. Does this mean they may freeze if the temperature inside a car gets below a certain point? There is little to no possibility for such a perfume to freeze and become solid. Although such perfumes are not as resistant as alcoholics to the lower temperature, they may not freeze. Essential oils contained in a non-alcoholic perfume do not freeze inside a car. 

There is a disadvantage to a perfume or a freshener that has lower concentrations of alcohol. Such a perfume will deteriorate more quickly at a low temperature and will be less effective. Essential oils are not as strong as alcohol when it comes to providing odor to the perfume. They may lose their fragrance after consistent exposure to low temperatures. 


People must take certain precautions to retain the quality and fragrance of their perfumes. First of all, they must not leave their perfumes inside a car. Make sure that the perfume bottle is not leaking because if air gets inside it, there is some possibility that the water-based content of the perfume will freeze.

It is crucial to ensure that the temperature of your car remains normal. The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. The car must not have humidity inside it. Otherwise, if you leave your perfume, the humidity may reduce its quality. 


In this article, we have seen that perfume or a car air freshener does not freeze. Even if the car reaches its lowest possible temperature, the perfume will not freeze. Yet, its texture and fragrance may be compromised. Non-alcoholic perfumes may deteriorate more quickly in such a condition. 

It is generally recommended by perfume specialists to keep these fragrances in a dark and cool place. In this way, the longevity of the perfume may be increased. In the end, its formulation is highly specialized and is not freezable. 

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