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20 Best Powdery Perfumes

20 Best Powdery Perfumes

Perfumes have been very popular since old times and were worn at any time or on any occasion. Its fragrance enhances your context of beauty to another level. There have been many changes occurred in the perfumery industries.

You have heard different types of notes in fragrances, however, have you ever heard about powdery notes? When we hear the word powdery, it reminds us of talcum and face powder. In old times, people used to whiten their skin as well as wigs by using flour.

Today, in this blog you will learn about Powdery perfume which has a unique charm, and you will also learn about 20 best powdery perfumes.

Powdery Perfumes

In ancient times, powder was derived from the ground grains of rice. However, flour was too pricey so they used rice powder to whiten their skin, one of the oldest beauty secrets. They added rhizome powder like iris as a note for their skin products. This is how powdery notes were invented.

Notes in Powdery Perfumes

There are different layers of fragrances and these are separated based on how fast they get evaporated. Here are some common ingredients and notes that are used to evoke an essence of powdery fragrance. It is given below:-

(a) Floral Notes:- These notes are most widely used in powdery perfumes, which adds grace and magic to them. Violet, lily, iris, lavender, and roses are the most alluring ingredients. These bring subtle, sweet, soft, smooth, earthy nuance.

Iris is the most notable note used in powdery fragrances and also gives the vibe of cosmetic vibe such as lipstick to the perfume. Orris is a quintessential powdery note used in fragrances which gives a sweet, soft, and earthy aroma. It is derived from the roots of the iris flower.

(b) Aldehydes:- These are synthetic components (ingredients) that give the powdery essence to scent. It gives brightness and makes a powdery, clean, and soapy shade (nuance).

(c) Woods:- Cedar and sandalwood are soft, creamy, powdery, and woody undertones that add depth and balance to perfume.

(d) Vanilla and Musk Notes:- Vanilla gives the sweet, silky, and musk a dreamy texture and animalistic essence. Musk notes give depth to the powdery scent to make it long-lasting on the skin.

(e) Wheat and Rice Notes:- These notes are evocative of rice powder and wheat, which gives a soft and powdery aroma.

(f) Heliotrope:- It is obtained from the Heliotrope flower to create a powdery, almond, floral, and sweet aroma.

List of 20 Most Widely Used Powdery Perfumes For Men & Women

In 1912, Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue was declared the first “powdery perfumes, ” including Bulgarian Rose, Iris, Heliotrope, Musk, and Vanilla notes. There is a list of powdery fragrances that are most widely used among men and women, which are as follows:-

(1) Chanel No. 5:-

It is an all-time favorite and a true powdery perfume. It has notes of jasmine, rose, sandalwood and aldehydes. Chanel No. 5 was created by Gabrielle Chanel for women, and it is known as women’s perfume. It creates a warm and vibrant aroma.

(2) Commodity Gold:-

Commodity Gold captivates the old time, tall trees and deep forest nights make the best choice for Halloween. It has smoky incense with the essence of cedarwood and sandalwood. It is like you are lost in nature and feel the mystique of nature around you, It can be used on any occasion like during a job or on a date.

(3) Rosie:-

Musk and rose oil are used as notes to evoke the smell of warm, clean, and calm. It gives you the feeling of a soft and cozy blanket wrapped around you.

(4) Le Labo Labdanum 18:-

It is an enigmatic fragrance, which does not conform to any law of perfumery. It has strong notes of amber and musk, which will discreet your skin and form a powerbomb. When you get close to your skin, it will whisper to your nose, and you will not be able to stop yourself.

(5) Prada Candy:-

Its name suggests a sweet perfume. White musk, benzoin resin, and caramel accord are its scent notes. It has a lovely fragrance and is popular with females.

(6) Diptyque Orpheon:-

Tonka bean, cedarwood, jasmine, and juniper berry are the notes that give a woody and aromatic fragrance of Paris in the early 60s. It is a masterpiece with powdery notes that remind the vague picture of old times with the aroma of tobacco smoke.

(7) Henry Rose Sheep’s Clothing:-

Notes such as pink peppercorn, rose, Egyptian orange flower, Turkish rose absolute, Orris, Amber woods, Ambrette absolute, and musk are used in Henry Rose Sheep’s Clothing scent. It is simple, beautiful, and powdery with a soft and gentle hint of Turkish rose absolute aroma. It is not a regular perfume, it is a bottle filled with powder with a soft and dreamy essence.

(8) Ellis Brooklyn Myth:-

This will make you feel like you get slipped into the sheets which are just laundered and basked in the warmth of the beam of the sun. It is the combination of sweet jasmine petals which takes you to the dreamy world, the scent of white musk and cedarwood keeps close to your heart. This powdery perfume captures the magic moment and makes it memorable.

(9) Iris Poudre:-

Iris Poudre by Frederic Malle Edp scent was launched in 2000. It is a powdery perfume with notes of floral aldehyde, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, musk, sultry tonka bean, and vanilla.

(10) Guerlain Shalimar:-

Guerlain Shalimar is a powdery aroma that comprises notes of amber, vanilla, bergamot, and iris. It is the first ambery (fossilized tree resin) fragrance in history that gives the touch of impertinent glow, which embodies sensuality.

(11) Parfums de Marly Valaya:-

It is a floral musk, fruity in which soft powder and bold fruit complement each other. It comprises the notes of orange flower, bergamot, mandarin, white peach, vetiver, amber, and musk.

(12) Lancome La Vie Est Belle:-

Lancome La Vie Est Belle has Iris, patchouli, and vanilla as notes used in this perfume. It is sweet due to vanilla, earthy due to patchouli, floral, and powdery thanks to Iris.

(13) Diptyque Fleur de Peau:-

The fragrance notes such as Iris give powdery notes, musk gives airy and cozy reminds the gentle touch of the warm embrace of love, and pink peppercorn gives the spark reminiscent of romance. It can be a good option for those love nuances of emotions to be captured in a bottle.

(14) The Maker Naked:-

It is a sensual perfume with erotic passiflora, white musk, and wild orris which makes the memories of vintage glam and cherish the embrace of love.

(15) Ombre Rose:-

Ombre Rose by Jean-Charles Brosseau is a combination of Iris, musk, coumarin, rose, honey, lily, rosewood, sandalwood vanilla, and ylang-ylang. It is a floral perfume with the feeling of talcum powder.

(16) Athalia:-

Athalia is for Iris’s lover and is inspired by an ancient time when women powdered their faces and wigs. It is a blend of iris with musk, orange blossom, vanilla, and amber which gives a warm and sweet essence.

(17) 555 Perfume:-

It is a unisex perfume with a combination of iris notes of sweetness for femininity and a peppery touch for masculinity. Citrus and amber notes make it fresh, sensual, and warm.

(18) Phlur Missing Person:-

The accord of white musk is added by jasmine, and orange which gets fused with soft and transparent wood. The true essence of wearing perfume gives you the feeling of a warm embrace in a soft and velvety cloud.

(19) Kilim:-

It is an oriental perfume in which powdery notes are in the middle with floral and fruity notes with a hint of spices by tonka bean.

(20) Chloe Perfume:-

It is a powdery fragrance that is a blend of floral and amber. It comprises the notes of rose, honey, peony, and cedarwood.


Powdery perfumes are quite popular in the world of perfumery. Every fragrance has unique notes that give you the feeling of warmth, spicy, sweetness, sensuality, etc. Now, you can choose the best perfume for you from the list of 20 powdery scents.

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