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What is Perfume Alcohol?

What is Perfume Alcohol

Perfume is a fragrant product that comes in the form of liquid used to give a pleasant and intense smell to one’s body. Perfumes are made from essential oils which are extracted from natural flowers or plants to produce different types of aromatic fragrances.

These fragrances are applied to make people smell good. Alcohol is a key component that helps to preserve the aromatic odor for a long time. However, it is not necessary to use alcohol as there are several types of alcohol alternatives available such as carrier oils, etc.

In this blog, we will learn about what perfume alcohol is.

What are Perfume Alcohols?

You may have heard about perfume alcohol or perfumer’s alcohol and used it when blending or mixing perfumes. When perfume makers mix essential oils and ingredients to produce aromatic fragrances, alcohol plays a key role in diluting. Perfumer alcohol is a special formulation that contains ethanol only and is used by professionals or amateurs for making perfumes.

Perfume alcohols are not similar to normal alcohols, which are naturally used for intoxication. Here, a substance called Bitrix is used for making undrinkable alcohol, so, it can be used for making great scents with different aromas.

The Main Ingredients Used in Perfumer’s Alcohol

  1. Ethanol – Ethanol works as a main carrier for the fragrance oils. The ethanol alcohol used in perfumery is called denatured ethanol. This evaporates quickly and releases the fragrance on the skin.
  2. Isopropyl myristate – This formulation of sopropyl alcohol and myristic acid is used as a moisturizer in the preparation of perfumes. Mostly this synthetic oil is used when a good absorption is required.
  3. Monopropylene glycol – This alcohol component is used for making fragrance oils more soluble in the alcohol carriers. It is a type of co-solvent alcoholic element which helps to make mixtures more soluble.

Purpose of Using Alcohol in Perfumes

Nowadays, perfumes become a casual need, just like wearing a watch or jewelry. Perfumes are made from many ingredients. Apart from fragrance and essential oils, there are several other components known as carriers. Carriers are the base components or materials that carry the fragrance, such as alcohol.

The several purposes of using alcohol in scents are –

  • It reduces the health problems that occur after using perfumes. These problems are caused by directly applying perfume to the skin, which can trigger allergic reactions such as itching or rashes etc.
  • In a blending process, various types of essential oils are mixed in a combination to get desired aromas. This mixture produces a very strong fragrance that can become unwearable. So, using scents without diluting them in carriers can create trouble.

Characteristics of Perfume Alcohol

Here are some key points about perfumers or perfume alcohol:

Evaporation – One of the key features of alcohol is that it can evaporate quickly. This effect makes it the best fragrance carrier. When we spray an alcohol-based perfume on our palms or body parts, the perfumer’s alcohol releases the fragrance oils to produce aroma and evaporate.

Skin-friendly – Alcohol and its mixed substances used in perfumes can make our skin a little bit harsh, but in perfumery, alcohol components play a key role in making the fragrance long-lasting. Due to quick evaporation, it leaves nothing behind after spraying the perfume. However, there are several other perfume options available for people with sensitive skin.

Different Grades – It is not necessary to use natural alcohol, which is commonly used for intoxication. There are different grades or types of alcohol available for the perfumery business. Usually, denatured alcohol compounds, also termed “specially denatured alcohol (SDA)” are used as perfumer’s alcohol. SDAs are 40 B formulations that are known to be used for skincare products.


It is important to note that the use of alcohol in perfumes is a traditional practice. There are alternative formulas, including water-based and oil-based perfumes, that cater to certain preferences or skin sensitivities. Additionally, some people may prefer alcohol-free perfumes, especially if they have allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients.

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