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List of Top 10 Long-Lasting Perfumes For Ladies

Long-Lasting Perfumes For Ladies

Fragrances are something we all deeply desire, especially women. Every one of us wishes to find a fragrance that makes us feel at peace and in love with ourselves and thanks to the greatest perfumers, many of us find that one special fragrance along the course of life. But reapplying that fragrance, again and again, can be a task of a nuisance that most of us wish to get rid of. So naturally we all opt for perfumes that last all day. To rid you of this frantic task, we here are presenting you some of the best long-lasting perfumes for ladies so you can just wait around and enjoy the soul fragrance.

But first of all, let’s have a look at some basics of the fragrance world.

Is There Any Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Perfume?

Perfume is not a gender-biased cosmetic product. Wearing perfumes does not show the femininity and masculinity of a person. Fragrances are carried for self-confidence and to show their personality. However, rose, jasmine, strawberry, and vanilla are soft, floral, and fruity aromatic notes, which are preferred by women. Whereas, tobacco, leather, and oud fragrance gives strong, musky, intense, and woody scent notes that usually reflect a man’s persona.

List of Top 10 Long-Lasting Perfumes For Women:

Below is a list of the best long-lasting perfumes for ladies that a perfume lover cannot miss out on. So come, tag along:

1. Creed Carmina Eau de Parfum:

It is a new floral amber perfume for women. Creed Carmina Eau de Parfum is inspired by Creed himself for school girls. It is a strong perfume which is perfectly suitable for winters. It comprises the following notes:

  • Top Scent Notes: Saffron, pink pepper, and black cherry.
  • Mid-Scent Notes: Peony, violet, cashmere wood, and may rose.
  • Base Scent Notes: Abroxan, frankincense, musk and myrhh.

2. Euphoria From Calvin Klein:

The unique notes are present in Calvin Klein euphoria, which will increase your femininity, and you can wear it on a date or at work.

  • Top Scent Notes: Black violet and pomegranate
  • Middle Scent Notes: Mahogany and Black Orchid
  • Base Scent Notes: Persimmon and lotus blossom

The top and middle scent notes give an oriental and woody fragrance. Base scent notes give a deep and unusual mystery to this perfume, as well as remain for a long time.

3. Bond No. 9 New York Flowers:

The owner of Bond No. 9 New York Flowers is a woman and it is a New York-based perfumery. It is newly designed for both men and women and was first launched in 2023.

  • Top Scent Notes: Green anjou pears, kir royal, and clementine
  • Mid-Scent Notes: Jasmine, freesia, and Grasse rose
  • Base Scent Notes: Musk, woods, iris, and amber

This scent will make you feel as though flowers are blooming in the spring season.

4. Tiffany Rose Gold Perfume:

In 2021, Tiffany Rose Gold perfume came into market. Jerome Epinette is a perfumer of this fragrance.

  • Top Scent Notes: Black currant
  • Middle Scent Notes: Iris and blue rose
  • Base Scent Notes: Musk and Ambrette seed (Musk mallow)

The accords of these notes give an essence of fruity floral aroma for ladies.

5. Love by Kilian Don’t Be Shy

In 2007, a woman perfumer, named Calice Becker, introduced Love by Kilian Don’t Be Shy for ladies. This fragrance belongs to the narcotic family of the Kilian flower. It gives the aroma of sweet, soft, and sensual accords.

  • Top Scent Notes: Spicy (Pink pepper and coriander) and Citrus (Bergamot and Neroli)
  • Middle Scent Notes: Honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, iris, and orange blossom
  • Base Scent Notes: Musk, civet, caramel, vanilla, labdanum, and sugar

6. Lancome La Nuit Tresor Eau de Parfum

Its aroma gives you a feeling of natural arousal. Lancome La Nuit Tresor aromatic perfume was created in 2015 by Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Marie.

  • Top Scent Notes: Bergamot, tangerine and pear
  • Middle Scent Notes: Passionfruit, black rose, vanilla orchid and strawberry
  • Base Scent Notes: Litchi, vanilla, papyrus, incense, patchouli, caramel, coffee and praline

7. Guess Seductive Noir:

This fragrance is for women, which gives you refreshing and evokes the essence of sensuality. As the name suggests, Guess Seductive Noir is an alluring, captivating, and sex-appealing perfume.

  • Top Scent Notes: Sage, peony and bergamot
  • Middle Scent Notes: Jasmine sambad, muguet, and iris pallida
  • Base Scent Notes: Vanilla, white suede, and vetiver Haiti

8. Fenty Eau de Parfum:

Fenty Eau de Parfum has floral, woody, and spicy aromatic notes with the floral essence of a wig powder which came on the market in 2021. The nose behind this scent is Jacques Cavallier and the combination of notes makes you feel spicy, sensual, and sweet.

  • Top Scent Notes: Citrus (Tangerine and blueberry)
  • Middle Scent Notes: Geranium, magnolia, and Bulgarian rose
  • Base Scent Notes: Patchouli and musk

9. Elie Saab Girl of Now Perfume:

Elie Saab Girl of Now was created by Dominique Ropion in 2017. It has a unique gourmand floral essence and is inspired by Elie Saab, in which a round bottle looks like a jewel and is decorated with blue and golden flowers on it.

  • Top Scent Notes: Pear, mandarin orange and pistachio
  • Middle Scent Notes: Magnolia, orange blossom, and almond
  • Base Scent Notes: Cashmeran, patchouli, tonka bean, and almond milk

10. Angel Muse by Mugler

It was the first gourmand fragrance of Vetiver that was represented by Angel Muse in 1992 for women. In Angel Muse, the combination of ingredients are creamy sweet and luminous.

  • Top Scent Notes: Grapefruit and pink pepper
  • Middle Scent Notes: Hazelnut cocoa spread
  • Base Scent Notes: Vetiver and patchouli


Now, after reading this blog, you know about the various long-lasting perfumes for ladies. As perfume is a part of cosmetic accessories, so women are very conscious about their beauty products. If you apply perfumes on your pulse points like behind the ear, wrist, and neck, then the scent of fragrance will stay for a much longer duration.

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