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types of perfume

Every perfume is a combination of fragrance and alcohol concentration. The ratio of mixing both in proper portions makes a quality perfume also. These quantities of fragrance and alcohol concentration decide the nature, scent, and duration of perfume. This mixing of concentration is the art of making perfumes that are unique in nature and a precious gift for someone. The main difference between perfumes is their fragrances. Different combinations of raw materials like flowers, roots, musk, wood, beeswax, fruit, civet, ambergris, different types of alcohol, and other natural ingredients made all these fragrances.

According To Fragrances

For describing fragrances we need to know about the notes. In the perfume industry, 3- Types of notes are used to complete a perfume bottle: top, middle, and base which make also a perfect perfume. Top notes also called head notes are that scent that comes immediately after the opening or spraying of fragrance and it is also called the first impression of a perfume. Then comes a middle note or called a heart note which is the main body of a perfume and lasts longer than the top notes. Last but not least base note comes which is the last fragrance of a perfume that is remembered the most, its duration is the longest as compared to the top and middle notes. Here, we introduce the main types of fragrances and our favorite products in each category.

Types of perfume according to fragrances

Finding your favorite fragrance the first step is understanding the different fragrance families that each fragrance is based on. There are four main Types Of Perfume fragrances: Fresh, Floral, Oriental, and Woody, each enhanced by different scent combinations. Fresh scents like Davidoff Cool Water typically feature aquatic and citrus notes, while warmer scents like DKNY Be Delicious use more floral, juicy fruit notes. The fragrance is so intimate that it can be difficult to decide on a scent. And here comes this breakdown. The fragrance, world Perfumes is divided into some categories. also Easy to choose if you know your favorite scent

1. Fresh:

With natural ingredients, the fragrance is mainly made. They have a fresh feeling when you use them. Fresh scents are typically composed of citrus, water, and green notes. This means it has a fresh, zesty, and lively aroma. Citrus scents are typically made with lemon, tangerine, and bergamot, and water scents are made with light scents like sea spray.

Example – L’Eau d’lssey and Acqua di Gio.

2. Floral:

The most familiar and trendy fragrances are widely used all around the world and contain a wide range of unique perfumes. Fresh scents are typically composed of citrus, water, and green notes. This means it has a fresh, zesty, and lively scent. Citrus scents are typically made with lemon, tangerine, and bergamot, and water scents are made with light scents like sea spray.

Example – Versace Yellow Diamond and Atelier cologne Jasmine.

3. Oriental:

Oriental fragrances are sweet and also a little spicy. These oriental fragrances come from woody and floral combinations. Oriental fragrances in a more luxurious fragrance family, distinct from Oriental Florals. Most of the aftershaves are in oriental perfumes. These are perfect for the daytime and ready to use at any event.

Example – Gucci Guilty and Shalimar

4. Woody:

Woody fragrances are another warm family of mysterious and seductive scents. With wood-based scents such as cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber, it’s perfect for evening wear. If you like the smell of damp asphalt, you might like the woody scent. Recommended for those who want to enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, and those who want to create the illusion of just having fun.

Example – Santal-33 and Tom Ford Oud Wood.

Types of perfume according to concentration

One way to classify scents is by their concentration. Perfume is basically an aromatic compound dissolved in a solvent (ethanol or a mixture of water and ethanol), given different names depending on the amount of essential oil or aromatic substance, varying in strength and lasting for different lengths of time. However, It is used in every event and activity, and due to this reason, it is called Universal Perfume. According to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), the most common concentration for this perfume is 20%. It is also the maximum luxurious variety, comes in very small bottles, and is used in very small quantities.

According To Concentration

1. Perfume or Parfum:

The Latin word “Perfume” is the original word of Parfum, whose meaning is “to smoke through “. This type of Perfume holds the highest fragrance concentration and low alcohol content i.e. it is also called pure perfume. also Due to its low alcohol, it is good for sensitive skin. Their scent lasts for 8 to 10 hours or more and is not harmful to your skin and you can also directly contact the skin without any hesitation. The ratio of Fragrance concentration in this perfume is 20% to 30%. It is used at any time and every moment.

Example – Black Orchid Parfum, Extraordinary Camelia 209 Perfume

2. Eau de Parfum. (EDP):

Eau de Parfum Perfume is widely used and very common in everyday life. It’s usually cheaper and mainly applied to clothing and hair. It is an equal combination of top, middle and base notes. It is an extremely versatile, pleasant, and long-lasting perfume for up to 5-7 hours. Due to its long-lasting, it is easily noticeable and a wide range of perfumes come in this category. The ratio of Fragrance concentration in this perfume is 15% to 20%. The concentration of alcohol is higher in it. Due to this it is not good for sensitive skin, it is a good choice for dry skin and it is mainly used in night events.

Example – Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum, Portrait of a Lady Eau de Perfum

3. Eau de Toilette. ( EDT ):

Eau de toilette comes from the French term “Faire Sa Toilette” which means getting ready. This category is very popular and a great choice for regular use. This type of perfume is mainly used in the daytime and also has a lifespan of 2-4 hours only. It gives you a refreshing feeling when you use it and due to this, it is very popular with young ones. The ratio of Fragrance concentration in this perfume is 5% to 15%. This perfume is cheaper than EDP perfume. It has a high alcohol concentration and is not good for sensitive skin.

Example – Replica Beach Walk Eau de Toilette, Y Eau de Toilette

4. Eau de Cologne. ( EDC ):

This perfume is made in the traditional way that’s why the size of the bottle is bigger than other category perfume. It has a much lower concentration of fragrance than Eau de Perfume and Eau de toilette. The ratio of Fragrance concentration in this perfume is 2% to 4% which is very low while the alcohol concentrations are high. Those who have sensitive skin should stay away from these types of perfume. Due to low fragrance concentration, the price is cheaper as compared to others. The scent of this category of perfume is for 1-2 hours only.

Example – Acqua Di Parma, Bvlgari

5. Eau Fraiche:

Eau de cologne is the weakest fragrance of all other categories and is a very light and delicate perfume. This is a less common perfume than others but it is unique as it has a high concentration of water rather than alcohol. The ratio of Fragrance concentration in this perfume is 1% to 3% which is very low and due to this, it is a very cheap perfume. Its fragrance lifespan is 1-2 hours only. It isn’t very interesting in nature. Due to low concentration, the price is also low. It is a light and delicate perfume and a good choice for sensitive-skin people and also those who don’t love strong scents.

Example – Chance Eau Fraiche, Dior Addict Eau Fraiche

Now you know all about perfume, types of perfumes, how they work, how to use them, and on what basis they are different from each other. Selecting perfume is one of the most difficult tasks for anyone but now after reading it you can choose the perfume according to occasion and timing. Now you are enough capable to select the best perfume which suits your personality.

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