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What Does Cherry Blossom Smell Like?

What Does Cherry Blossom Smell Like?

Cherry blossom is a flower of trees that symbolizes beauty, violence, life and death. This beautiful white and pink flower belongs to the genus Prunus family. The most well-known species is the Japanese cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is often called sakura after the Japanese. Now the main question arises what does cherry blossom smell like?

Cherry blossoms are an important symbol of beauty and smell like a blend of fruity, floral and sweet aroma. These flowers are widely distributed for different uses, especially in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, which includes Japan, China, and Korea. In Japan, cherry blossoms are believed to be the most familiar and famous flower. They bloom for a short time and fall when they reach their peak, which characterizes the way of samurai life.

In this blog, you will get detailed information on what is cherry blossoms, their properties, importance, what Cherry blossoms smell like and some recommendations for top cherry blossom scented perfume in the world.

What is Cherry Blossom?

Cherry blossom is a white and pink flower, that is mostly found during the spring. The unique quality of Cherry blossom fragrance is that it is definition of love, beauty and prosperity of life. It is also used in the beauty industry in perfumes, colognes,body mist, soap, etc well as in aromatherapy for various health benefits.

During the hanami season, cherry blossom flowers bloom occurs once a year for only one to two weeks, the cherry blossoms express a world enhanced and beautified through their ephemeral nature.

What is Cherry blossom?

In many cultures, cherry blossoms are more than just delicate adornments to the branches which birth them—beyond their sheer visual and sensual beauty, they symbolize a broad variety of concepts and states including, but certainly not limited to, love and sexuality, vulnerability and mortality, and beauty and the evanescence of life. We can find many examples of this valorization in the popular media, architecture, entertainment, and cultural events in Japan, where cherry blossoms are known as sakura. However, a vast interest and appreciation of sakura is also found outside of Japan, especially during the last 20 years.

Properties of the Fragrance of Cherry Blossom

Properties of the Fragrance of Cherry Blossom


Cherry blossom is a flower of springtime that carries out an amazing hint of freshness. Once you inhale the scent of cherry blossom, the smell will make you feel like you are taking a deep breath of fresh spring air that can uplift your moond and can make you happy. Also, it can infuse the olfactory with a feeling of freshness and positive energy.

Hint of Vanilla and Almond

Everyone has a different sense and taste of smell that can be floral, fruity, earth, woody or many other aroma for some individuals, while some people also like mixed smell of different ingredients like a mixed smell of almonds and vanilla. The smell of cherry blossom can be defined as a composition blend of fruity, floral and sweet aroma.

Sweetness of Floral Touch

Cherry blossom flowers carry a sweet floral and fruity aroma that can be faint but distinct. It can make you feel the smell of springtime buds growing into aromatic flowers. Once you use a perfume that is made up of cherry blossom aroma, it will leave a long-lasting soft impression.

Rememberable nature

In contrast, the floral aroma of cherry blossoms is famous for being faint, delicate, and vanishing. This unique smell lingers lightly on the breeze. Its long-lasting and before fading completely, cherry blossoms can tease the sense of smell with its memorable characteristics.

What Cherry Blossom Smells Like

The cherry blossom fragrance consists of floral and fruity sweetness with a hint of fresh and crispy smell. The odor of Japanese cherry blossom spray may differ for everyone, for some people it smells like a sweet essence, while some can smell it as an intense aroma.

 This is an attractive aromatic ingredient that evokes a sense of grace and sensuality in any fragrance or essential oil. In simple words, the smell can be described as a floral fragrance carrying mouth-watering fruity accords.

Importance of Cherry Blossom in the Perfume Industry

Numerous studies have shown that cherry blossom is relatively seems less as compared to other flowers like rose, jasmine, lily, etc mainly because cherry blossoms only bloom for a short season. When cherry blossoms are in bloom, their floral fragrance fills the air not only in Asia but also in Europe, Australia, Canada, America, and other regions of the world by Cherry Blossom scented perfume. The aroma of cherry blossoms is mainly used in feminine perfume.

There are two key compounds that have been identified as characteristic factors in cherry blossoms Eau De Toilette- standard and synthesized compounds.

  • The first compound is used as a standard or specific distinguishable compound for determining the floral aroma of cherry blossoms.
  • The second compound is synthesized through two different pathways from linalool, with one of its petals contributing to the perception of the floral aroma in cherry blossom scent.

Top 5 Perfumes made of Cherry Blossom Fragrance


The smell of Cherry Blossoms helps us to enjoy the magic of nature and to celebrate its scenic cycle. Its odor can refresh anyone’s soul with a fresh and sweet fragrance. Cherry blossoms have the potential to spread the feeling of hope. In the springtime, watching cherry blossoms can make you feel the beauty of nature.


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