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20 Best Arabian Perfume Brands

Arabian Perfume Brands

If there are exotic perfumes that are in all the rage right now, they are Arabian perfume Brands. These perfumes are amazing and suitable to be worn on occasion. Almost all Arabian perfumes are long-lasting and refreshing. They are made after focusing on the rich Arabian culture.

The constituents of Arabian perfumes seem to be too strong, however, they are not. These products are balanced by floral constituents that are mild and soothing to the olfactory senses. Many branded perfumes from Arabia are alluring to people at present. Let us now delve into them.

Top most Arabian Perfume Brands

1. Amber

It is a perfume that is known to evolve the chemistry of the skin. The fragrance of the Amber brand is light and has a soothing touch. You can spray it on your clothes to experience a mild floral smell.

2. Layali

The next perfect perfume brand is Layali. Anyone who desires to experience the orange and floral notes can choose to go for it. The two important notes of the fragrance product are ylang-ylang and jasmine.

3. Shaghaf Oud

Shaghaf Oud is a perfume that has an alluring aroma. The two important notes of this perfume are agarwood and saffron. A few clues of praline also come when you spray this perfume over yourself.

4. Amaali

Amaali perfume is made up of premium-quality ingredients. It has the notes of green apple, lemon, and pineapple. Hints of roses and jasmine can be experienced while using this perfume.

5. Golden Sand

Golden Sand brings a unisex perfume that comes up with the aroma of vanilla. Because of this reason, it is considered as a sweet perfume. Golden Sand brand is often used by professionals during aromatherapy.

6. Khasab & Oud White

One of the luxurious perfumes that has a luxurious aroma is Khasab & Oud White. The main notes of this scent are musky oud, cedar amber, and fresh roses. For both males and females, this perfume is suitable.

7. Shaghaf

A natural perfume that has a blend of Arabian culture and natural ingredients is Shaghaf. It is an Arabian perfume that has the notes of lavender and lemon. Hints of patchouli can also be experienced using this perfume.

8. Dark Magic

Dark Magic perfume is an Arabian perfume that has a blend of musk and sandalwood. The conventional attar from this brand attracts olfactory senses and makes people experience the surroundings of Arabia.

9. Hijaz Saffron

A perfume having organic essence is Hijaz Saffron. This perfume gives a very natural feeling of Arabian culture together with the notes of saffron. Body oils can be used along with Hijaz Saffron.

10. Zoha Arabian

Zoha Arabian is a perfume that has Oud and woody notes. One crucial feature of this brand is that its liquid significantly adapts to the skin. The fragrance of Zoha Arabian is really pleasant.

11. Khadlaj Azaari

It is a unisex perfume that is getting popular in today’s time. The important notes of Khadlaj Azaari are amber and rose. Individuals can use this perfume in their everyday lives.

12. Haramain

This branded perfume is available as a perfumed water. It is made of amber, jasmine, and citrus notes, with amber being the most important. True freshness can be felt after using this perfume.

13. Kohl Al Ayoun

People who want to experience the essence of deep and rainy forests can choose Kohl Al Ayoun over others. The two important notes of this brand are crisp apples and black currant.

14. Al Dana

A perfume that resembles innate elegance is Al Dana. Al Dana perfume’s lovely notes include lemon, pepper, amber, musk, patchouli, frankincense, and lily and Both men and women can use it.

15. Paradox Azuree

Paradox Azuree is a brand that comes with its refined aroma. The aromatic notes of Paradox Azuree are jasmine, heliotropes, black orchids, magnolias, vanilla and rock roses. This perfume is only for males.

16. Ard Al Zaafaran Jazzab

It is an Arabian perfume, especially for men. Rock roses, musk, vetiver, and tea leaves are the important notes of Ard Al Zafaran Jazzab. Its aroma melts when sprayed upon the skin.

17. Nusuk Ana Al

Nusuk Ana Al is an alluring and refined perfume. It is considered one of the most fashionable perfumes available for females. The important ingredients of Nusuk Ana Al are chocolate, vanilla, ambrarome, and musk.

18. Jacques Bogart

Jacques Bogart has perfumes that are mostly designed for men. Its silver scent has the top notes of orange blossom, nutmeg, vanilla, hazelnut, and Geranium. Hints of woody notes can also be experienced by this perfume.

19. Rasasi

The Rasasi Catherine perfume is a royal perfume for women. Fragrance notes of this scent are pine tree, lemon, water hyacinth, lily, iris, and galbanum. The woody notes of this brand are cedar and sandalwood.

20. Brutus

The Brutus Bronzino brand allows people to feel confidence and excitement. Vanilla, vetiver, pineapple, musk, amber, patchouli, pineapple, and hyacinth are the important notes of this perfume.


Arabian perfumes bring the tradition of the Middle East through their aromas. Some of these perfumes are light, while others are slightly overpowering. All these perfumes are long-lasting because of the high concentrations of the notes. People are subjective when it comes to choosing these perfumes.

For the long-lasting effect of Arabian perfume brands, you must spray it behind your ears and on your wrists. The bottles of these perfumes have a long shelf life. They can last around for a decade.

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