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Montale Tropical Wood Perfume For Unisex

Tropical Wood Montale perfume has a woody floral fragrance for women & men by Pierre Montale. The top notes are

Montale Vanille Absolu Perfume For Unisex

Vanille Absolu Montale was launched in 2008 and has an amber vanilla fragrance for women. It has a fresh, sparkling

Pierre Montale established the Parfums Montale fragrance company in Paris in 2003. Prior to that, Pierre Montale spent time in Saudi Arabia where he worked on creating perfumes for royalty, monarchs, and queens. The perfumer exposed his incredible exotic compositions to the Western world after arriving in Paris. Each bottle in the Montale series embodies the enigmatic East, Arabia, and the perfumer’s passion for them. Montale uses a high concentration of high-quality natural ingredients to produce his fragrances, giving them their strong and enduring scents. A unique aluminum bottle was developed to shield the priceless essences from light.


Q Is Montale a niche perfume?

The top niche perfume brand globally is Montale Paris. In terms of Cost and Quality, the brand dominates the market. This perfume company has been around for just over ten years.

Q What does Montale Paris smell like?

According to Fragrantica, the perfume is classified as an Oriental Vanilla, with the top note being a floral note, the middle notes being coffee and rose, and the base notes being amber, vanilla, and white musk.it is considered one of the best luxury perfumes for the royal house and the Elysee of the country.